Associate Deals with Pipeline

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You can associate your deals with a pipeline through:


When adding a new deal

When you add a new deal, there is an option to associate your deal with a sales pipeline.

1. Click on Pipeline Selection to choose the pipeline you want to associate with your deal, and then select to which stage you want it assigned and to its corresponding status if needed.

saphyte create a new deal

2. Once done, click on the ‘Save Deal’ button to save the deal.


When editing a deal

1. You can also re-associate your deal to a new pipeline through the edit deal option.

  • List View

Click on the ‘pencil’ icon to edit a deal.

saphyte deals list
  • Stage View

Click on the three dots icon and select ‘Edit this Deal‘.

saphyte edit deal

2. Edit the details of the deal and change the sales pipeline association of the specific deal.

saphyte edit pipeline information

3. Click on the ‘Save Deal button to apply the changes.