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Set Rules for Lead Scoring

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Saphyte’s Automated Lead Scoring helps you prioritize your leads by applying score conditions to identify which leads have the most potential to progress into a closed sale.


To set up the rules for your lead score:

1. Go to Admin Panel.

2. Under the Marketing and Sales settings, click ‘Lead Scoring’.

lead scoring

3. Under the ‘Attribute  Scoring’ Tab, click ‘+ Add Rule’.

rule list

4. Set up your new rule.

new rule
  • Enable the rule to your Leads, Prospects, or Customers by ticking the box.
  • Choose the sum type for your scoring if you want to add or subtract.
  • Set the value for points.
  • Apply the condition for your lead scoring.
  • Activate the lead scoring rule.

5. Click the ‘Save’ save button once done.

6. You can view all the rules that you have set under the ‘Activity Scoring’ tab and check which ones are active or inactive in the system.


7. If you want to make changes with the rules that you have set, click the ‘pen’ icon to modify the rule. To delete a rule, click the ‘bin’ icon.