How Big-Time Brands Grew their Business using CRM

Published on July 25, 2022
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There’s a long list of CRM systems that are in place in the global software market. Even leading brands from all across agencies have one set in place: healthcare, education, retail, construction, logistics, and hospitality. 

It doesn’t come as a shock for everyone. We all know that CRM allows businesses to capture customer data, store it in a single repository, and process data without leaving the CRM’s software window. 

Large companies like Uber, Amazon, and Coca-Cola retained a firm focus on the customer. With the use of CRM software and their business idea, these conglomerates could grow their business into household names. 

How Big-Time Brands Grew their Business using CRM

Winning new customers and clients through targeted marketing campaigns is just one of the best secrets of these businesses’ rapid growth. So what are the lessons we can take from the best brands? Let’s look closely at some case studies from leading brands worldwide and businesses you might not expect to use CRM. 


You might be shocked that one of the world’s leading ride-sharing app providers uses CRM as its customer data repository. CRM enables Uber to extract data from users engaging with their brand on social media. With this system in place, Uber can promptly reply to customer complaints and keep track of all its interactions with the public.

Asher College

The career-focused college that offers business, medicine, trades, and technology is one of the most surprising businesses that use CRM for student engagement. As a school that faces a high volume of inquiries daily, it must prioritize and reach the most engaged ones first. With a CRM, this has been made possible, boosting their speed-to-lead by 12 times, making their contact rate go up by 13%, and scheduled campus appointments improved by 5%.  

Coca Cola 

No one in this world not knows the name Coca-cola. So how did CRM software play in engineering the soft drink goliath’s continued growth?

As one of the largest brands in the world, its entire focus was to get much faster on collaboration, connectivity, and scalability – in a mobile setting. With a CRM, they now have instant access to customer history, eventually allowing them to reach their targets and deal more efficiently with customer complaints.


Unilever improved its call center capabilities and boosted the productivity of its consumer advisory representatives. With a CRM, they were able to respond to queries and needs raised by the customers at a fast and timely pace. At the same time, the software allows them to maintain their customer database effectively and enables them quickly access customer information for analysis and strategy development.


Amazon is undeniably a household name in the business world. Amazon continues to grow as the world’s leading online retailer, and it’s all because they’re so good at acquiring, retaining, and consolidating their users. 

With a CRM, Amazon uses data from past purchases and can create tailored offers, recommendations, and promotions – undeniably hard to resist. 

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If we said it before, we’d never get tired of repeating it – your customers are the bread and butter of your business. Without your customers, you won’t have a business to run to. 

With that in mind, having a CRM strategy and a CRM system is a priority and a need. Your strategy and system will go hand in hand in drawing in new leads, juggling unfolding deals, and managing prospects and client relationships. At the same time, keeping your customers engaged through tailored and targeted content and ensuring the same customers continue to support your business while identifying with your brand and values. 

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