5 Great Examples of Personalization By Successful Brands

Published on October 4, 2022
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Looking for inspiration? Check out these five great examples of personalization implemented by these successful brands.

Personalization is one of the most prioritized strategies nowadays.

According to statistics, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy when a company provides a customized and personalized experience.

When a brand understands a customer’s needs and provides products and services made just for them, it’s likely that that brand will be in the customer’s mind for future purchases.

Investing in personalization was also observed to drive revenue growth by 10-30%.

But how can you implement personalization? Check out these five great examples by successful brands:

1.  Nike by You

Nike takes customization to the next level with its Nike by You campaign, where customers can customize Nike shoes according to their preferences. As customers design their shoes and click on options, the product images will automatically update so they can see their design in action.

Customers can design how their shoes will appear, what colors will be used, and what text can be filed in.

2.  Hulu and its personalized recommendations

Hulu’s customers have varied preferences, so it’s important for them to stay relevant by providing recommendations that their customers would love.

By collecting a huge amount of data from customers, Hulu can provide targeted recommendations, which users can narrow down further by choosing the like or dislike options.

A curated feed of personalized content for each user is then provided, which gives value to its users.

3.  Starbucks remembers your favorite drinks and preferences

Starbucks enjoys its success by providing not just a great experience to its customers indoors, but also its varied yet personalizable menu options.

The company takes personalization a step further with its app by remembering customers’ favorite drinks and preferences, and offering rewards based on their past activity. Personalized promotional messages are then sent to each customer on a regular basis.

4.  Spotify’s varied, personalized playlists

With the millions of options that Spotify provides, customers may find it hard to discover music that’s relevant to them. The company addressed this challenge with its algorithm that allows it to recommend music and other content that matches the user’s past activity and preferences.

Spotify also allows users to expand their music preferences by suggesting options that the user may like based on their past searches and listening activity. It also combines genres and other types of songs into playlists that the user may like. 

The company also has its yearly campaign called Spotify Wrap which allows its users to view a compilation of their activity (e.g. the songs they’ve frequently listened to) over the past year and share a playlist of these songs on social media.

5.  Amazon’s product curation and recommendation

The OG of personalization, Amazon has been the subject of many studies and cases for personalization.

The company’s algorithm allows its users to get recommended only products that are relevant to their needs and preferences, but also products that they may find necessary. This results in an improved customer experience which provides value, especially to customers who mainly buy products online.

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