4 Reasons Why Drip Email Marketing Using a CRM is For You

Published on November 23, 2020
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Drip email marketing is a relatively new strategy that is being adopted by companies these days. The concept isn’t really new per se — companies have been sending emails to their prospective clients since email was invented to foster good relationships and close deals. What’s new, however, is the adoption of the technology to make all these smoother and automated is new.

How do they do this? It’s simple. Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, companies set triggers in the system and plan a flow for the strategy to work. It can begin from the time a lead engages the business in a touchpoint and may still continue even after the lead becomes a customer and makes a purchase.

Drip email marketing defined

Drip email marketing campaign is a series of emails that follow an action. The action might be somebody subscribing to a blog or it might be somebody filling out a lead form. So, for example, say you get a hundred thousand visitors a month on your blog and you fire a pop-up on that and you have one percent (1%) conversion rate— where one percent of people are subscribing to a newsletter. 

When that action happens, you might have a drip email marketing campaign associated with that. Meaning, you are going to have an automated sequence of emails that goes out to those people who signed up for the blog post. 

That might look something like this: “Hey! Thank you so much for signing up! We’re so happy to have you. Here’s an awesome guide that we made on ‘How to get started with Digital Marketing.’” 

What happens then is when that person clicks on that, you generate more traffic to the website. A week later, you send another email “This is the most advanced guide out there for doing a social media audit and making sure that your social media is really in the right place.” 

Now, you are generating more traffic back to your website, so you continue a sequence like that and that’s going to be really helpful just for continuing to get somebody’s mind share— next time they’re thinking about needing an agency or whatever you sell you’re going to be on top of their minds (brand recall).

Drip email marketing statistics

Drip email marketing has been proven to work across all industries. Here are a few drip email marketing statistics you need to know:

In a research conducted by DMA in 2019, they found out that a dollar of investment in email marketing can give you an average return of $42.

The use of email marketing has also increased lately. According to Content Marketing Institute, about 87% of marketers have already adopted this strategy to continuously engage their customers with planned content.

It can also increase your customer acquisition and customer retention rates, as 80% of marketing professionals believe.

So what’s in this strategy that makes it so good? Here are 4 reasons why drip email marketing is good for you:

Converts more leads into customers

If we go by the numbers, email automation tends to receive 50% more conversions than just by sending out a regular old email. Also, open rates tend to be 70% higher than just sending out our regular old email and closing rates for messages are about 150% higher when they are in email automation.

An engagement email is a great way to interact with a potential lead and you simply do it just by

sending an email with a question. Some other ideas that you could use would be giveaways or conducting a webinar. At the end of the day, the goal is to try to touch that lead as much as possible in order to generate some business.

Keeps customers engaged with your brand

It’s not just about the brand recall, but it’s also about triggering purchase behavior among your leads and customers to increase your sales. Drip email marketing has been proven to keep customers engaged with the brand—improving the business relationship and encouraging future purchases from the customer base.

After setting up a drip email marketing strategy, your welcome email should be sent out immediately as soon as you receive an inquiry or a request. It should just be a simple email thanking them for the inquiry and then letting them know that you’ll be in touch very soon. 

This is a great practice because typically when someone fills out a form on a website, they’re expecting an immediate reaction from the website letting them know that there’s some sort of acknowledgment for submitting that request. 

If you ever receive a lead generation request, it’s always best to try to follow up with it immediately because statistics have shown that there are diminishing returns the longer you wait to follow up with a potential lead. 

A second email topic or idea that should be implemented should be the invitation to connect. This is essentially an email requesting that lead to connect with you outside of just this email. That means providing a telephone number, your social media links, or maybe your LinkedIn profile and having them connect with you there. 

It is also highly recommended to have an email for social proof—  this is essentially an email showcasing some testimonials or maybe some client success stories of your accomplishments.

Saves time and money

Let’s not also forget the amount of time that you’ll be saving by setting up an email automation, as opposed to remembering to always send out an email to a client just to try to stay top of mind for that client. 

Drip marketing has already been proven to keep customers engaged and convert them into customers fast. Using CRM, winning your clients’ trust becomes much faster, easier, and cheaper with this strategy.

CRM drip marketing also lets your team focus on the more important processes that you prefer not to be automated by technology.

Increases your sales and profits

Around 80% of all sales occur between the fifth in the twelfth point of contact between the business and the prospect. A majority of times people see a service or a product, they don’t just buy it outright. 

They have to see it multiple times and there’s success in repetition— whether it’s advertising or marketing or social media, whatever it is, people need to see things multiple times.

In fact, did you know that around 44% of business owners give up after one follow-up? Eighty percent (80%) of sales require at least five follow-ups. So in other words, 44% of business owners aren’t putting in 1/5 of the effort needed to close the deal.

Here’s how this works: you have an advertisement or some sort of message that gets people to go to a website or a page where they can opt-in and you’re asking people to call or make a contact or make a purchase right then and there.

But remember, 99% of people are not ready to take action when they’re first visiting a website or landing page. They’re just not ready— they just heard about this thing and now they want more information, so what you’ve got to think about is creating some sort of lead magnet.

The drip campaign can follow up guiding people on how to use any information that your lead magnet provides, guiding people on how to use your product or service in their lives or into their business. This provides value and impact from your business which leads your customers into the next step: making a purchase or a repeat purchase.

Now, a purchase or a repeat purchase can help your grow your sales and, thus, profits. But remember, it’s easier to make a loyal customer buy again than to acquire new leads so it’s important to keep their trust and their customer experience smooth. In fact, it is said that around 80% of a business’s sales can come from 20% of its customers.

So how will Saphyte help you with this strategy?

Use Saphyte now

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM that lets you and your sales team improve your customer interaction. It uses your potential customers and existing clients’ contact information so you can continuously engage with them by making phone calls, sending personalized content to email lists, and triggering purchase behavior with any call to action (CTAs).

Saphyte is a CRM solution developed for any business — whether you’re a small business or not, Saphyte can accommodate your needs and is guaranteed to help you grow. It’s been proven to help improve any business’s sales process and shorten their sales cycle as well. 

Its CRM tools are designed to improve customer satisfaction by letting you make the most of the customer information the system has gathered.

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