Advantages of Mobile CRM for Businesses

Published on October 20, 2020
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3 min read

Through the years, technological advancements are incorporated within mobile devices. These innovations made mobile devices become a necessity even for business people. It now has features that help businesses and entrepreneurs with their day to day transactions.

And nowadays, most consumers use mobile devices to purchase, search, study, or for entertainment. According to a recent study, in 2019 alone, 80% of users searched the internet using a mobile device, and 40% of online transactions are done with a mobile phone. This study prompts businesses to develop mobile applications to address the needs of most consumers.

That is why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software providers also created a mobile version of their system to help businesses and teams do their processes using their mobile devices. With this, businesses can access their CRM and all of their data by only using a mobile CRM system.

So, in this article, we will tackle the advantages of mobile CRM for businesses.

Data Access Anytime and Anywhere

Cloud-based CRM acts as centralized data storage platforms for your business. You can store and access any important data in real-time. But this might require you to have a laptop or a working desktop just so you will have the data that you need.

Luckily, mobile CRM provides immediate access to these data without needing a laptop or desktop. It gives you real-time access to your sales cycle, marketing campaigns progress, client contact information, and more. This allows you and your sales team to monitor your sales processes easily and efficiently anytime and anywhere. 

Also, mobile CRM is especially useful for sales reps who work in the field because it offers faster access to sales materials. Instead of bringing lots of papers for pricing guidelines, product information brochures, etc., sales reps can directly get all of this information from a mobile CRM application.  This is helpful because it eliminates the need to deliver all the files in person or sending them through their emails later after their negotiations. This can save time and effort and thus, giving the sales reps more time to focus on other customer services, contact management, and other sales processes.

Immediate Customer Support

CRM systems are made with a purpose to help businesses be more connected with both their existing and potential customers. While this CRM feature is undeniably beneficial, connecting to your customers can only be done if you are in the office. With a mobile CRM, customer service and support can be done even if your team is out in the field or is working remotely.

With the increasing popularity of social media, customer support is no longer limited to phone calls and email communications with the customers. Nowadays, businesses have to answer customer queries on social media as well. This would have been an added burden to your customer service team but with mobile CRM, this would not be a problem.  CRM integrates different social media channels into a single platform and makes them available for your team via mobile CRM. 

With this, teams can maximize customer interactions to be more productive in terms of addressing customer needs and increasing customer satisfaction. According to a recent study, customer representatives saw a productivity increase of 26.4% when adding mobile access to CRM applications. This just proves that mobile CRM increases response times and helps build long-lasting customer relationships.

Superior Productivity

According to a study done by Forester, 50% of teams who are using mobile CRM have improved their productivity. Another survey by Nucleus Research also finds that 65% of mobile CRM users are achieving their sales quotas compared to 22% for non-mobile CRM users. This is not surprising because mobile CRM is very effective in connecting and collaborating with staff to achieve more work. 

One feature that contributes to this is a visible and accessible task manager. Mobile CRM allows your team to easily keep track of their to-do list while they are in the field or in the office. This is beneficial because it keeps your team highly organized and focused on your business goals. Furthermore, this to-do list is updated in real-time. So, you and your supervisors can monitor the task done and the availability of your employees. 

Also, Mobile CRM boosts productivity through real-time sales management tools. With this, your sales reps can easily access previous client communications and records at just a glance. All the information needed by the sales reps is organized depending on your business processes. Thus, they do not need to waste time looking for files in their folders while they are on the field. 

Mobile CRM helps you achieve superior productivity because it allows your team to focus on your business goals and not on mundane tasks that can be automated via CRM. 

Saphyte CRM

One of the most appreciated brands in the CRM market today is Saphyte CRM. This is because Saphyte can streamline all of your business processes such as client management, sales, marketing, team management, and more. It also has tools designed to accommodate the needs of businesses from all sectors because of its adaptability and flexibility. Saphyte also has a user-friendly interface which is similar to how one will navigate through their social media accounts and pages. This makes Saphyte easy for both employees and employers to use. 

Saphyte is also designed to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and strategies. It has powerful tools built to provide more efficient monitoring of your social media, web, and email marketing campaigns. It provides real-time statistics, thus Saphyte keeps you updated whenever and wherever you are. 

Saphyte Mobile

All of the features and functionalities of Saphyte CRM can now be accessed on mobile. It was launched this year 2020 and is optimized to meet your business needs on-the-go. 

Moreover, Saphyte Mobile is equipped with a business card scanner that allows you to easily capture contact information by just scanning the business card with the camera. This saves you time and reduces the risk of physical contact at this time of the pandemic. The information can then be saved directly from the app and into your CRM system. 

Saphyte Mobile helps you stay on top of your game by maximizing your productivity and allowing you to perform tasks directly from your mobile devices. You can now connect with your leads, prospects, and customers in real-time. This will allow you to be prepared for every client encounter because you do not have to worry about having inadequate and inaccurate data. Literally, you have everything at the palm of your hand. 

To make your mobile CRM experience even better, Saphyte is everything that you need. 

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