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Published on November 18, 2020
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The heart of the real estate business is always finding new people. Without new and existing customers, it’ll be hard for the real estate sector to survive. That is the reason for the existence of email marketing strategies and other sales techniques in order to gain potential customers and increase sales and revenue.

One email marketing strategy would be the drip email marketing strategy. Tech-savvy real estate marketers use this method to acquire more leads for their business. And is a much-proven strategy.

In fact, studies have shown that this type of marketing strategy is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.

On a typical day, consumers access their email six hours per day, and a normal office worker checks their email accounts 30 times per hour. But consumers have the power to discern where they choose to spend their attention. You only have 8 seconds to impress them, so you better make an impressive note.

Your email subscribers want content that can help them solve their problems, or help them reach a certain goal. With a drip email campaign, you are able to do this.

What Is a Drip Email Campaign?

Before delving in, let’s make one thing clear. Email drip campaigns are made to steadily and consistently help your potential buyers or sellers come up with the right decisions with their real estate journey, through a sequence of automated emails.

Most real estate agents blast the latest offerings to everyone on their email lists. However, for the majority of your leads, these emails are entirely irrelevant. Remember this: Relevance is always equivalent to Revenue.

Drip campaigns allow you to increase credibility with leads, identify the hot leads, and stay top-of-mind with those who are not ready. Email drip campaigns are a set of planned marketing emails sent automatically when a contact sets off the trigger, like call-to-action buttons.

With a drip campaign, you are automating the relationship-building sales process so you can focus on your hottest leads. Here are the basics of drip email marketing that can hack your way to success.  

Keep the entire experience in mind

The actual emails you send need to provide value. You also have to consider how you can get someone into the series. If the subscribers are from a sign-up form on your website, you can continue the discussion from that experience in your emails. 

Segment your contacts by your lead’s needs

Your list has a variety of interests or needs, and that is perfectly normal. Segment your contacts into groups and then address them based on their needs. By doing so, you’ll see how conversations will differ between each of these groups.

Nail your subject line

The subject line is the next factor for a contact to use when deciding to open an email. Make the subject line lean towards the interests of your subscriber. That may work once to expand your open rates, but it can also destroy the trust you’re working hard to build.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try new methods for the best possible results. A great way to test a couple of options to a subset of contacts is through A/B testing. You can then send the best one to the rest of your list automatically. 

Keep in touch

Once the series is complete, how will you keep being relevant? Depending on your segment, you could send regular updates on properties as they become available, share some seasonal homeownership tips, or perhaps check-in with new insights into the market. 

Ready to improve your real estate drip campaigns? Get a CRM Software now.

Drip email strategies are nothing if you don’t have the perfect tool to partner with it. You need a dependable customer relationship management (CRM) solution to help your sales team streamline all your email campaign activities.

CRM tools are essential for building customer satisfaction and are necessary for improving customer interaction (emails and phone calls). CRMs are more than just a software for storing vital customer information. With plenty of options, you might want to consider Saphyte as the primary option for a CRM solution.  

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM tool that helps businesses streamline all of their corporate, sales cycle, marketing, and customer support activities, and integrate them into one powerful platform. The purpose of Saphyte is to make your work and processes simpler and more effective.

Here are some benefits that you can reap from using Saphyte for your drip email marketing campaigns.

Lead Gathering is more Efficient and Productive

Marketing campaigns will always start with a solid customer database. Customer data is the foundation for every sales campaign. You have to knuckle down and gather the data that is relevant to your business.

Saphyte’s system is designed with tools to help your marketing and sales team gather and nurture leads. Gather important leads by integrating your social media platforms into the system. Any data entered via your social media platforms are automatically sent to the CRM’s database.

You can also do the same through the Form Builders tool. You can easily create forms for your websites and landing pages to capture leads in a whiff, all without having to leave the platform.

The forms are then used to capture information (names, positions, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) you need from your prospects. The moment the form detects an entry by site visitors, it’ll send the data back to the CRM’s system.

Additionally, Saphyte has a feature called Sync. Sync is a plugin tool that you can install on your browser. This tool can make contact information gathering from LinkedIn users easier, seamless, and more accurate.

With Sync, you can get rid of your manual data entry efforts altogether and make data syncing and gathering more productive.

Lastly, Saphyte’s mobile CRM app is built with a business scanner feature. This tool makes documenting, transferring, and storing customer data to your CRM database easier. From a simple scan, your important contact information is stored in the system without error and with less hassle.

Marketing Automation is made easy

With the surge in relevancy and consistency common to the market nowadays, adding more manual work for your team kills productivity. This is where automation comes in.

Saphyte is built to remove more of your manual tasks and transition your team into automated tasks. With features like Workflow, Client Management, Sales Management, email template makers, email senders, calendar management, and email trackers, you can easily implement your drip email campaign strategies.

With Saphyte’s Workflow, you can automate your whole email sending process and command the system to do some marketing groundwork for you.

By simply dragging and dropping elements and connecting nodes, your campaigns can now be seamless and make the system work for you. All you have to do is set the conditions, and the CRM can work its own way.

Saphyte’s Client management modules are seamless when you want to organize and segment your leads and prospects. This will make it easier for you to create those email lists according to your subscriber’s demographics and interests.

With the results of your segments, you can generate email templates for your campaigns within the system. This will mitigate the painful journey from one software to another. After producing the template, you can integrate them to your workflow, and wait for the result.


With the increase of modern marketing demands in the real estate industry, it is best to have a tool that can help you make your work efficient and productive. That is why you need to choose Saphyte today.

Saphyte has pay-as-you-go subscription plans that fit within your budget whether you’re a small business or a medium enterprise. The platform can also save you loads of money from storage funds. You won’t need to install the system to your local computer, all you need is a stable Internet connection and a browser.

Each subscription plan is complete with a free demo and one-to-one product training. We also waive your set-up fees, upgrade fees, and maintenance fees. No hidden or extra charges and 24/7 expert customer support is available for you. Saphyte’s team also offers on-site customer support for local businesses in Dubai.

Contact us or start your free trial now.

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