How do Empathy and CRM Connect?

Published on September 6, 2021
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Empathy is the hottest marketing buzzword now when it comes to CRM strategies and terms. Why? Empathy involves emotions, and a great CRM strategy takes the customer’s emotional experience into account. And empathy is at the center of it all. 

However, businesses are always rushing to utilize and adapt to new tech, but how do empathy and CRM drive better customer experience? The entirety of this article is dedicated to discussing the connection between empathy and CRM. Read more to know. 

Empathy is the Foundational Component of Customer Experience

Little do people know that emotion is the main driving factor for purchasing behaviors and decision-making in general, whether people do it consciously or not. Emotions drive humans. So marketers strive hard to create meaningful interactions and genuine engagements with a customer to drive a better customer experience. 

Expert marketers use this concept all the time, and there are plenty of emotion-based campaigns everywhere. Luxury brands invoking feelings of acceptance, self-worth, exclusivity, and status in the world. Telecommunications companies create excitement by creating concepts of connection to friends, family, and a broader network of people. And a whole lot more examples to see. 

Tapping into empathy is a compelling marketing strategy—and a lot of large companies are doing this all of the time in various ways. At present, businesses use empathy to have meaningful interactions with their customers and connect with their feelings even though they could not resolve their problems. However, being empathetic doesn’t mean agreeing with the customers all the time. Being empathetic also means being able to say ‘no’ to your customers or to take actions that they may dislike, but doing so with compassion. In other words, to be humane.

How can CRM connect to Empathy?

So, the main question now is: where does CRM fit into all of these? CRM systems may look simple in hindsight, but they carry and execute empathy the best way. 

Customer empathy has proven to be even more critical for marketing and customer support teams during this crisis. With the rise of “COVID customers,” businesses need to understand that they will be working in a stressful situation and are expected to act accordingly.

To maximize empathy, the messages you send to your customers must be personalized to suit their needs. You also must have the ability to send these personalized messages on a larger scale. Without the presence of a CRM tool like Saphyte, it wouldn’t be possible to send personalized messages at scale.

When you use CRM software, you can support your sales and marketing teams to empathize with your customers. Here’s how CRM improves your business’s empathy.

CRM allows you to have more authenticity

Establishing genuine empathy is challenging without the help of authenticity. With a CRM tool packed with a create-your-own email template, you can use your own words and learn to be informal without being too overly familiar. By using natural everyday speech, including contractions (‘hi’ rather than ‘hello’) and pairing it with your customer’s name, you have an open opportunity to establish better relations through genuine empathy.

CRM Automation allows you to streamline and shorten business processes

Customers don’t like waiting, and if you keep them waiting, you’ll eventually lose them. But with the help of CRM automation technology, you can streamline your processes and eventually automate most of your manual tasks. Not only does this free up tasks off your team’s hands, but this can also help them handle your customers better. A happy team creates happy customers – it’s a win-win for everybody. 

CRM Analysis Tools gives you more insights into your customer’s preferences

Most businesses assume what their customers want, which leads to stereotyping, and stereotyping your customers is like running in a minefield – dangerous and deadly. However, with the help of analysis tools built into a CRM system, you can understand and analyze what your customers want and create better and intelligent business decisions through those numbers. 

Key Takeaway

Empathy can give your business the ability to add a human touch to interactions with your customers. Its significance is emphasized more than ever in the economy’s current climate, which is swarmed with uncertainty and anxiety. Empathy is also an essential character trait for your sales and marketing teams because this allows them to establish rapport with your customer.

For businesses to take full advantage of empathy, they must take actions that reflect each customer’s needs and ‘wants.’ However, empathy is just a part of the bigger picture of the whole customer experience. Empathy might be of emotional intelligence; however, it should be based on operational reality too. Lastly, carrying out empathy can be challenging without the help of a CRM ecosystem like Saphyte. 

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