How Tech Helps Businesses Across Six Emerging Sectors in the UAE

Published on July 6, 2023
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Six emerging sectors play a crucial role in the UAE. Each industry has varying needs but one tech can help them all.

The UAE is a rapidly growing market and has seen an influx of businesses across various industries in the past few years.

Among the notable emerging industries are: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain technology, FinTech solutions, Digital marketing solutions, Robotics and Automation technologies, and Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR).

Each industry offers unique growth opportunities but faces specific customer relationship management (CRM) challenges.

Emerging industries in the UAE

Here’s how CRM tech can help these industries address these challenges:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This industry is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after technologies in the UAE. However, with so many customer data points to track – including past purchases and buying behavior– businesses need a reliable CRM system that can help them manage their customer data effectively.

With CRM tech, businesses in this industry can automate customer segmentation, personalized product recommendations, detect fraud and scams, and more.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain offers the market increased security and privacy when doing transactions. Despite recent hacking and data breaches, blockchain remains popular in terms of usage and investments.

This is why blockchain companies need to assure the market that it’s still safe to use and invest in the technology. To do this, they need to know their customers at a deeper level to send targeted content to build this trust.

With CRM tech, companies can organize and analyze their customer data to create personas about their customers to engage them effectively.

3. Fintech

The FinTech sector is also booming in the UAE. But this industry also faces customer relationship challenges such as making organizational channels credible and trustworthy, organizing customer data, and providing quick responses to customer inquiries.

With CRM tech, FinTech companies can better manage customer data, analyze customer behavior, and better understand their clients. CRM can also help them automate leads, track customer engagement rates, and monitor real-time campaigns.

4. Digital marketing solutions

Digital marketing solutions are also highly sought after in the UAE market. With clients having varying needs and preferences, it’s a given that digital marketing solutions companies need to have organized customer data to provide personalized service.

Using CRM technology, digital marketers can organize and track customer data for better marketing campaigns quickly. Additionally, CRM tech also helps marketers segment audiences and craft personalized messages – both essential for successful digital marketing strategies.

5. Robotics and Automation

Robotics and Automation technologies are also multiplying in the UAE. The products and services of this industry have various use cases, which make customers come from different backgrounds offering different demands.

Using CRM tech, businesses in the robotics and automation industry can respond quickly to customer inquiries and provide a better customer experience using personalization.

6. VR & AR technologies

VR & AR technologies are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE. Like robotics and automation, VR and AR technologies have multiple applications, which is why potential customers are likely to come with different demands.

Using CRM tech, companies in the UAE that sell VR and AR technologies can use customer data to know more about their customers and subsequently provide personalized services.


Leveraging an effective CRM system like Saphyte can help businesses across all these emerging industries in the UAE unlock their full potential, maximize ROI, and create a more personalized and engaging customer experience.

Thanks to its comprehensive suite of features, Saphyte provides an integrated CRM platform that enables businesses in the UAE to manage their customer data and IP management better, improve customer segmentation, increase marketing ROI, and boost customer engagement.

By using Saphyte’s CRM system, businesses can better understand their customers and create more tailored services & products that will resonate with them. All this will help them remain competitive in the rapidly changing market environment of the UAE.

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