Saphyte Platform: The CRM that You Need for Your Business

Published on October 20, 2020
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4 min read

CRM software, in general, is developed to streamline business processes and make everything more convenient for teams and business owners. CRM automates certain processes such as sales cycle, marketing campaigns, contact management, customer support, and more. This technology has been proven effective in helping both international and local businesses.

Through the years, a lot of business solution providers created their own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms for the benefit of any business. These providers offer different features and functionalities of a CRM solution to enable businesses to achieve growth and success. That includes Saphyte, a cloud-based CRM by Loyica.

Saphyte is a CRM platform that makes your business undergo digital transformation seamlessly. Its CRM tools are designed to help improve the efficiency and productivity of your marketing and sales teams. And on top of that, with Saphyte you can easily streamline all of your corporate activities and integrate them into the system.

These are glimpses of what Saphyte can do. So, without further ado, here are the reasons why the Saphyte platform is the CRM that you need for your business.

Applicable to Every Sector

Saphyte is built to make everything smooth and seamless for any type of business from different sectors. Its application is flexible and scalable enough that you do not need to worry about what sector your business belongs to. No matter what your existing processes are, Saphyte can be tailored according to your processes so that everything that you need will be addressed. With this fact, here are the top 5 sectors that can take advantage of Saphyte’s powerful CRM.

Insurance – Insurance companies need to have a reliable business solution with a gigantic storage capability. With that said, Saphyte can store and process a huge amount of information and can easily adapt to the growing database needs of any insurance company. It provides tools necessary for database organization, leads management, policy management, commission structuring, reporting, and many more.

Real Estate – We know that the most important factor in any Real Estate company is the ability to transform customer interactions into long-lasting customer relationships. With this, Saphyte provides necessary tools for client management, lead scoring, timely follow-up using task management, deals management, email marketing, and more.

Retail – Saphyte provides an integrated platform necessary for the management of a retail company. It has tools for marketing, sales, support, inventory, quotation, and even reports. Not only that, but Saphyte also provides customizable dashboards, inventory management, campaign management, deals, and more, to give convenience to every operation of a retail company.

Trading – Saphyte provides comprehensive reporting tools to measure business growth and success. With this, it enables trading businesses to establish standard processes. Big or Small businesses, especially those in the areas of marketing, sales, and support, can take full advantage of the system and the tools it provides.

Education – It is important for educational companies to keep tabs on their potential and existing enrollees. That is why the system helps in categorizing different and multiple students under specific courses. It also can manage and assign specific instructors and courses for each student. Moreover, Saphyte can greatly help in managing the schedules and tasks for each of your students.

These are some of the sectors where Saphyte can be applied to. So, if you are still doubting whether Saphyte can be applied in your business or not, the answer is yes. This is because Saphyte is dedicated to adapt and help any type of business achieve success.

Increases Customer Loyalty 

We all know that customer satisfaction is crucial in achieving success in any business. And now that most people are using the internet for their purchases or inquiries, businesses need to have awesome customer service and support to address all of the customers’ needs.  And to help you with that, you need a business solution that can manage all customer interactions and turn them into important data.

Saphyte enables you to efficiently and effectively manage your contacts database through the Client Management tab. In here, you can automate your processes, organize your data, categorize your customers, generate reports, and more. All of these tools are necessary for improving customer experiences.

The system manages all customer information across all your platforms such as Name, Work or Business background, purchase history, and other basic contact information. This allows you to determine whether the customer is an existing client or a potential customer. With this information, you and your team can respond accordingly to transform the opportunity of communicating with a client into a closed sale.

With all of this, the system basically connects your business to your customers and automates your process. This is to help your team focus more on providing awesome customer service and support that leads to one result – an increase in customer loyalty.

Better Sales Management

Sales software does not have to be expensive and confusing to use. With Saphyte’s user-friendly platform and powerful sales management tools, improving and streamlining your sales process is made easy.

You can customize the sales dashboard and build a visual sales pipeline to know and monitor the progress of your deals. This will also enable you to build the stages of your sales process tailored to your existing business processes. Thus, the sales pipeline is essential in setting up a standard sales cycle.

And to help the lives of your sales teams be more convenient, the system automatically applies scores to your leads to help you identify which leads will become a closed sale. With this, your team will not need to manually calculate lead scores using traditional methods like Spreadsheets and Excel. Thus, this feature is beneficial both to you and your team as it gives more convenience while maximizing profit.

Along with all of these, Saphyte also provides realistic and accurate forecasting necessary in making business decisions. This tool estimates future sales and helps you avoid any unnecessary and unforeseen business pitfalls.

Captures LinkedIn Contacts with Just a Click

Saphyte has developed a new feature called Saphyte Sync that functions as a chrome extension plugin and helps you search and capture LinkedIn contacts with just a click. This is because Saphyte deeply understands how important it is to find potential contacts on LinkedIn. Thus, the system provides an easy tool to capture all your LinkedIn contacts in the simplest way. And you cannot find this feature in the other CRM providers, this can only be found with Saphyte.

Saphyte Sync allows you to capture LinkedIn contacts with auto-populated information such as Name, Company, Email Address, Country, and other details. All of this happens swiftly and automatically just with a simple click.

The captured contact information can also be assigned to specific categories, statuses, and sub-statuses for better organization of your contacts. It also detects duplicated data to identify new and existing contact. You will then have the ability to merge or replace the duplicate information for proper data capturing.

Moreover, the captured LinkedIn contact will automatically be synced into your CRM. Thus, this feature provides effortless capturing of contact information while increasing productivity.


Saphyte, compared to the other CRM platforms, provides a powerful business solution at an impressively affordable price. All of these features and functionalities can be applied to any type of business from different sectors without breaking their budget.

To experience how powerful Saphyte is, contact us today so that you can try the product for a month. And guess what, you will have a whole month without paying anything and without worrying about any hidden-charges — because it doesn’t have any hidden fees. Also, because Saphyte is made to genuinely help the small and growing businesses grow and be more competitive in the market.

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