The Rise of Saphyte Amidst All CRM Providers in Dubai

Published on November 9, 2020
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4 min read

Dubai has the highest population in the United Arab Emirates. And in terms of economy, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. The government’s decision to diversify financial sources such as tourism and technology led them to this continued success. It is now home to service industries such as information technology and electronic commerce.

With the rise of technology and enterprise, CRM providers in Dubai have increased as well.  They provide reliable day to day business solutions for both small and large business. CRM has allowed companies of different industries to improve customer satisfaction, marketing campaigns, sales processes, and more. This is why more and more businesses seek the help of CRM providers. 

One of the notable CRM providers in Dubai nowadays is Saphyte by Loyica. Saphyte is the first locally made CRM software and has been the best among the others in the entire UAE. This year, despite the pandemic, Saphyte has risen amidst the other CRM Providers in Dubai and UAE through reliable and affordable products and services. 

Saphyte Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Saphyte was launched in 2017 with the goal of enabling businesses to gain more customer engagements to achieve their target growth and success. It is made and registered in the United Arab Emirates but is set to be a revolutionary technology for SMEs all over the globe – not just in Dubai or UAE alone.

The software is a cloud-based CRM that analyzes all customer interactions and automatically converts them into important data that can be stored and accessed anytime and anywhere. This is because Saphyte is also a centralized storage platform for all of your customer’s data. 

The centralized storage will allow you to access all of your customer’s information, manage all contact information, store certain data types like phone calls, and many more. All of these features are integrated within Saphyte’s CRM system to help you create more meaningful customer experiences.

What Makes Saphyte Better in Many Ways

Saphyte, compared to the other providers, is equipped with a lot of important tools sales, marketing, team management, customer service, and more. These tools will help in managing all of your business processes easily and with convenience.

The system is fit for all types of businesses but it is best for both growing and small businesses. This is because Saphyte provides a robust CRM solution with a lot of important tools at an impressively affordable price. Thus, growing businesses will have the means to compete with big and established businesses with the help of Saphyte. Plus, Saphyte is flexible and is able to accommodate you and your growing business needs. So as your company grows, Saphyte CRM grows with you. 

Saphyte is also designed to be user-friendly and equipped with drag-and-drop functionality to help those entrepreneurs who are a bit unfamiliar with the technology. It is also designed this way to give more convenience while using the product. With this, you can easily maneuver within the system and access all its tools.

These functions of Saphyte are already impressive. But to give you more reasons why Saphyte is better in many ways, here are some of its added features and functions that explain why Saphyte is a rising CRM provider amidst all CRM providers in Dubai.

Customization and Unlimited Dashboards

Aside from the previously mentioned features, Saphyte values your existing processes and thoughts on how a business solution should be able to be customized. Meaning, Saphyte provides a CRM solution that can be customized according to your own preferences or existing business processes. 

The system can adapt even if you have additional modules, processes, workflow, and more. It can be also personalized depending on the user’s preferences. And you can not find this level of customization in the other CRM providers, it is only found here in Saphyte. The best thing with customization is that it allows your team to see pertinent information relevant to the goals you’ve set. This will help them focus more on these goals, increasing the probability of success. Since different departments have different goals, these departments can also customize their dashboards according to their targets. This allows each of your departments to focus on their own tasks contributing to the success of your business as a whole.

Aside from that, Saphyte CRM tools enable you to have unlimited dashboards. So, you can put one, two, or even multiple dashboards to get all the analytics you need once you open your CRM. With the highest level of customization compared to other providers plus the provision of unlimited dashboards, you will have all you need to keep your business running by only using a single system.

Workflow Automation

The traditional way of running a business requires manual work. That is why employees of these companies are burdened with repetitive tasks that require a lot of time and effort, such as email marketing. But with Saphyte CRM, these tasks can be easily automated. With workflow automation, you will be able to increase your business’ productivity, efficiency, and stability.

Although the word “Automation” seems such a complicated task that only IT specialists can do, this is not true. Workflow Automation with Saphyte CRM system is easy. The system was built to be user-friendly. So once you’ve determined which task to automate, you can easily drag and drop, click and connect the nodes and elements in your workflow sheet. This will create a seamless workflow that connects one step of the task to another. 

Having this efficient workflow will allow your business to run smoothly. Since the automated process ensures all processes are performed identically, the output has no room for errors. This results in a higher quality of output. And on the other hand, your employees can focus on tasks that require human analysis, creativity, and intelligence. They will be able to focus on other important tasks instead of being stuck up with repetitive tasks. 

Sales and Marketing Tools

Saphyte CRM is not only concerned with how you organize tasks. It is all the more concerned with how you increase your sales, which is an important factor for the business’ success. Saphyte CRM is equipped with Sales and Marketing tools that are helpful for your sales reps and the rest of the sales team. 

To improve your sales, you must have good marketing strategies even in the field. This is why Saphyte CRM has developed its own mobile CRM. Having a mobile CRM allows your sales reps to have all the information they need in the palm of their hand. With the assistance of this CRM tool, they can get and provide accurate and efficient information from and with their clients.

Furthermore, this software solution allows you to establish a sales cycle that will help you convert potential clients to paying customers. This is important because it allows you to objectively evaluate your sales efforts. You will know if your sales reps or email marketing went well. With this evaluation, you can pinpoint which sales efforts you need to improve and which ones need to keep on doing. 


Having all these features made Saphyte the number one CRM provider not just in Dubai, but the entire United Arab Emirates. But in addition to all of these, Saphyte CRM has a very affordable price. Other CRM systems in the market would cost you a lot, but Saphyte has the best tools for a lower price. So if you haven’t tried using a CRM system and you are curious about it, you can try Saphyte because of its affordability. 

So, if you have not experienced what Saphyte can do for your business yet, contact us now and take advantage of its impressive tools. Our sales reps are available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

November 9, 2020