Saphyte, the Leading CRM Solutions Dubai Industries Need

Published on June 4, 2020
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2 min read

CRM software is one of the leading secrets for high-performance sales and marketing for quite some time now. The software solution enables precise management of all customer interactions and customer data. These factors contribute greatly to the overall customer experience. 

Whilst there are plenty of CRM systems available in the market, the search for a long term software solution continues. One platform decides to change the tides. Introducing Saphyte, the powerful leading CRM solutions Dubai industry sectors need. 

How Effective Saphyte CRM systems are?

Saphyte’s CRM software is built focusing on gearing up businesses for marketing and sales. Here’s how effective Saphyte is in building your business.

Marketing Automation is Built for Seamless Implementation

To get customer retention, businesses need to create a lasting impression. Through Saphyte’s email marketing features you can nurture your leads. At the same time, you can cultivate deeper relationships with your existing customers. 

Saphyte has email design templates, bulk emails, workflows, scheduler, email tracking, and more. Each feature is designed to make your marketing automation easy and seamless. 

Get a 360-Degree View of Customer Data

Business processes require proper data management. How will you get the most out of customer service if your customer data is all over the place? 

Saphyte is built with a revolutionary contact management system to help you win potential customers. You can automate your processes, organize your information, manage your tasks, generate reports, and other valuable features useful for your campaign.

Seamless Customer Interactions

Customer relationship management requires plenty of time and individual attention. You can’t manage your customer’s experience if you have multiple platforms in use. With Saphyte, you can manage your customer interactions within a single platform.

You can integrate your current email address to the platform, perform social media campaigns,  and answer queries through live chat integration. All these features are necessary in building your brand value and giving the best customer experience. 

What are the Sectors or Industries that need CRM Software?

There are plenty of sectors and industries not just in Dubai but also from other regions that can benefit from Saphyte’s platform. Here are some of the businesses that can benefit from this CRM solution.


Saphyte’s is built to help retail businesses manage their operations seamlessly. Built with a sturdy and easy to use quotation and inventory management, deals and campaign management, and more. Surely, you and your business will be ready to take on the competition.

Real Estate

Customer relationships and deals management are the bread and butter in the real estate sector. With Saphyte, real estate businesses can manage customer relationships with ease by providing all the necessary tools for lead conversion and client management. 


Trading relies heavily on marketing, sales, and support. With Saphyte’s scalable platform, comprehensive reporting tools, and sales intelligence system that will help you gain more. 


In the insurance sector, you need to maximize the opportunity to engage with your customers more. With Saphyte’s seamless database organization, lead management, policy management, task management, commission structuring, and accurate reporting you can now focus more on your client and minimize routine burdens.


Investing with Saphyte, a locally developed CRM software is a step closer to the right direction. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can move your business forward.

June 4, 2020