Published on November 11, 2020
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2 min read

With the growth of the Internet, the sales perspective has also carved a new course. At present, the sales and marketing game are made digitally. Perhaps the most common way to get your product out there is through digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the ability to sell your products and services through several Internet channels. Whether it is through social media campaigns, email marketing, or video content marketing, as long as you’re selling them through online channels you’re on your way to engaging in digital marketing.

For some, digital marketing might be a new endeavor and a whole new path. It can be a big leap to make, but here are 3 methods which will help you grow and enhance your digital sales at the same time.

Build a Good Website

Your website is the core of your digital marketing strategy. Eventually, it’s where you want all of your potential customers to end up.

Your website serves as your portfolio, where you can showcase your product or service to your customers. Your website isn’t just something for people to “visit”. Rather, every part of it is designed to draw your customers further into your sales pipeline. 

Make sure that most of your pages finish with a call-to-action button. This will prompt your potential customers to respond to your desired action. Actions such as “download an offer”, “check out our products and services page”, or “contact us to schedule a consultation”. In return, you can request email addresses to add your unique visitors to your database and stay connected with them.

Also make sure that your website is properly set up and ready for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After all, no matter how appealing your site is, it won’t matter if nobody visits it. You can do this by enabling what search engines want and SEO is the best way to do that.

Start A Blog

If you haven’t started a blog on your website yet, it’s time to begin. The reason for you to start blogging is simple – it works. Blogging is also a foundation of many other digital marketing efforts, so it will really help you if you get started as early as possible.

With that, don’t rush through your blogging and start hammering out as many posts as you can. Instead, focus on valuable and relevant blog posts about your business at a pace that’s sustainable for your financial capacity. The frequency won’t matter at first, as long as you’re starting.

Use Email to Connect with Customers

Now that you have your blog up and running, it’s time to start using the emails you’ve collected from your website and start with your email marketing campaign. Organize and segment your address list into as many categories as necessary. This will be beneficial for you because whatever you’re sending to your prospects will come out as relevant. Once segments are clearly made, start sending regular newsletters and relevant information to each part of your audience, and emphasize the parts that your audience cares about.


To further enhance your digital sales, aside from your website and email platforms, investing in a CRM tool will allow you to streamline and make your digital sales activities more efficient and productive. With that, you might want to look at Saphyte CRM.

Saphyte CRM is a cloud-based CRM. This platform has sales and marketing features that can help you improve your business’s efficiency and productivity. The platform can help you manage vital customer information, conduct marketing tactics and strategies, and identify business opportunities built for the long haul.

Saphyte’s tools are built for your business’s scalability and flexibility. Thus, allowing growth to come easily for your business in the future. A system built to grow with you and your business.

Saphyte is on a pay-as-you-go subscription plan basis and comes complete with a free demo and one-on-one product training. No set-up fees, no hidden or extra charges, and 24/7 expert customer support availability.Let us help you get started with your CRM journey. Contact us now for a free demo. Or start your trial period with us today. Ask us how.

November 11, 2020