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Easy CRM Software Features to Make Sales Process Faster

Published on August 12, 2020
5 min read
Icon Saphyte Team
5 min read

Small businesses and enterprises without a customer relationship management (CRM) makes sales processes and customer support harder to sustain. That is why it is essential to find the best and easy to use CRM software in the market.

Sounds easy but it can be a major hurdle for you.

There are plenty of CRM software that are available in the market. Looking for the best customer relationship management (CRM) tools whilst considering which platform is easy to use can take a lot of time.

As looking for an easy CRM software may take plenty of time, you might want to consider looking into these CRM features to make your sales process faster.

Effective Sales Pipeline

A CRM with a comprehensive pipeline view allows you to have a quick overview of the entire sales funnel and makes it easier to manage your leads and customers. With this feature, you can categorize clients in various sales stages which is beneficial for effective lead management.

There are CRM platforms that only feature a single pipeline which won’t be helpful if you have pipelines for a product, lead sources, or different countries. But with the right CRM solution, you can segment and label your leads and customers.

With a custom and organized customer information and tags, you can now filter your pipelines according to their appropriate labels. The better organized your sales pipelines, the more effective your sales process will be.

360-degree View of your Customer Information

Having a detailed client profile that provides all relevant customer information from a lead source to previous orders is a helpful CRM feature. A CRM should have a pipeline management tool that allows its users to attach files, add activity reminders, and link invoices and quotes.

When you have a quick and insightful overview of a prospect or client on one page it makes the life of your sales team much easier. The better information you provide the better the sales journey for your sales team and your customers too.

Company and Client View

Many companies forget about the need to extricate companies and customer profiles. Little they know, there’s huge leverage if you are able to manage multiple contacts under one company whilst having individual private client profile for each contact. 

This feature allows you to have information about your clients or leads that are included during the buying process. Moreover, detailed contact information can be useful for email campaigns and lead nurturing. 

With the inclusion of the person’s name to the email can also give way for high-level personalization. That is why it is important to choose a CRM software that allows its users to create both company and customer profiles.

Sales Dashboard

A sales dashboard is an important feature for CRM tools. This feature allows you to have a quick overview of your monthly sales results. With this feature, a user can add graphs, charts, and identify key performance indicators to your dashboard to have instant information on the trends in your sales performance.

A sales dashboard is also a useful tool for your sales and marketing team during meetings, since they won’t be able to waste more time in manually calculating and putting them into wonderful graphs.

Shared Calendar

A shared calendar might be a simple feature but it allows your work easier and more efficient.

Having an integrated calendar is ideal for meetings, managing events, resources (meeting rooms) and schedules. Most CRM tools have calendar scheduling features that helps sales people and clients find a mutually suitable meeting time more quickly. 

You can now start ditching lengthy email correspondences, proposing dates to other participants via email and let them pick a suitable time. The moment that they have picked a suitable date, participants will receive a confirmation email, and users can add the schedule to the calendar with a single click.

Task Management

Increase your effectiveness and pitch your sale products efficiently by managing your tasks such as calling and emailing in the same system. The task management is a helpful CRM feature that gives users a quick overview of what needs to be done and allows them to set and follow deadlines.

Remote Data Access

Your sales team deal with multiple prospects per day. Not having the tool to help them can be burdensome. That is why it is important for sales teams to have regular access to customer database to gather information or update data that is within their reach.

This is where remote data access can be of most help. By having a cloud-based CRM, you’re giving your team the leverage they need. CRM mobile apps and has allowed your team to read and add customer data anytime and anywhere.


Analytics allows your sales performance to have a significant boost and with detailed metrics you’ll be able to make calculated decisions and can contribute to the increase of your sales.

The CRM that you’re considering should at least include a basic reporting tool to shows you the leads you’ve acquired, conversion rates (lead to closed sales), and monthly recurring revenue on a monthly basis.

Sales Forecasting

To better prepare for the next sales quarter, you need to have knowledge on the number of sales and be able to predict future profit. This is where the forecasting feature comes into the picture.

Why not use forecasting to predict upcoming sales and conversions instead of relying on instinct or reacting to a situation after it has happened? With a CRM that has a built-in sales forecasting feature you can now make intelligent business decisions, based on your existing data.

The sales forecasting feature allows you to set reasonable standards for your sales period and estimate the revenue over the upcoming periods. You can identify future revenue and how much of it can be booked in your budget.

Integrated Email Service

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could email leads and customers right from your CRM system? An increasing number of software providers include an email service to their CRM solution.

The benefits of email feature aren’t just about simple messaging. With an integrated email feature, your email correspondences are also linked to client profiles. This allows you to promptly see previous customer interactions.

This feature is most helpful during your email marketing campaigns as it’ll be easier to personalize and provide better customer’s service for your prospects and clients.

Integration with Email Marketing Automation Tool

For you to be able to reach and impact of your campaigns, you need a powerful integration with email and marketing tools. You can now bid goodbye to exporting and importing contact information from CRM solution to another email automation tool. 

Instead, you can create customized contact lists into the system and synchronize the list with your email service within the CRM.

Billing and invoicing

An essential and must-have feature for businesses that manages agencies, and addresses their need to bill their customers for projects.

You can link your invoices with customers and attach the documents to client profiles. Not only that you can be able to send out the billing and invoicing but you’ll be able to have a quick overview of the billing history right in the client view.

Remember that not all CRM platform have a built-in invoicing feature, however there are few platforms that offer integrations with other billing software. So, it’ll be a great advantage for you if the CRM that you’re choosing has one built into it.


This is a feature where you can create quotes in a CRM system. This will be great to build your product database and create beautiful and engaging predesigned quote templates. You can also categorize them into custom tags, where you can mark quotes as accepted, revised, cancelled, lost, etc.

After a quote has been sent or created, they will be linked with your client’s profile or companies so that there will be transparency on whose ordered what and when the order has been made. This will help your sales team because they will have a complete and comprehensive overview of filled orders and be able to identify whether a customer was happy with the service.

Social Media and Third-Party Integrations

A CRM solution functions as a mediator between your customers and your different business processes. After all, customers are the lifeblood of your company.

The more convenient third-party integrations and features a CRM has, the more likely you can gather any relevant data you need for efficient sales and better sales process.  Look for a CRM that allows you to integrate with your official email and other marketing tools to avoid duplication in data entry, and collect and build quality customer data.

Customization and Role-based Views

Despite that your sales people are in the same team, remember that not all information is relevant or the same to every salesperson. Some CRM platform allow you to set role-based access to certain information that might fit to their needs.

Take note, it is better to customize every team member’s software experience according to their job. This allows them to focus solely on the most important task for the day without having to deal with multiple features for their job.

Another great feature you need to look into would be customization. Find a CRM that can be able to customize some of your business workflows and other repetitive admin task.

This will be a most advantageous for you and your team, because you can remove some burdensome admin tasks off of your team’s plate. Hence, making them more effective and efficient at their jobs.


With the advancement of digital solutions and the increasing demand for better customer experience, it is considered a priority to invest with the right CRM.

When you’re looking for an easy CRM software to help you speed up your sales and marketing process, then Saphyte is the best option for you. Saphyte is a CRM software designed to support small businesses and enterprises with their sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

Saphyte is built to make everything convenient for your business. The platform has features designed and made to make sales and marketing easier, as well as make things smooth and seamless for people with administrative roles.

Plus, Saphyte CRM can be customized according to your needs. This way, the system can grow along with your business and can be tailored according to your business processes. Saphyte adapts to you; you do not adapt to Saphyte.

Furthermore, Saphyte has a pay-as-you-go monthly fee scheme that fits like a tee with your budget. No set-up fees, free version trial for a month, inclusive of a free demo, and a 24/7 customer support readily available in every subscription plan. 

Make an investment with a reliable CRM software for the digital transformation of your business today. Choose Saphyte. Contact us for a free demo or start your free trial now.

August 12, 2020