Getting More Leads With The Use Of Sales Intelligence

Published on February 1, 2021
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Icon Saphyte Team
2 min read

Imagine having the ease of increasing your lead rates with only the help of sales intelligence tools. Considering that this has been a tool used by many successful sales teams and decision-makers in the past, there’s no reason for you to not follow through with the trend as well.

Sales intelligence has been used to assist a business run the bare minimum, however, it has recently turned into a staple method for further driving a business to success. Find out more about how you can improve your lead gen by using the same methods.

What you should know:

  • It improves chances of selling to your existing customer base
  • It helps with gathering opinions and feedback for improving customer service and experience
  • It gives sales reps the insight to form data-driven decisions
  • It secures an accurate and reliable source of data
  • It can potentially benefit other teams and inter-departments

The Purpose Of Sales Intelligence

There are many uses for sales intelligence, however, you should understand that its primary purpose is to, well, increase revenue. One of the ways for sales intelligence to aid in revenue gain, is through increasing lead rates. It is done by referring to a variety of data-gathering methods. These methods help salespeople find, monitor, and analyze data that is sure to improve the state of your business. With the use of a sales intelligence platform, you are given the leisure to index real-time company information from a public source. Having such data should allow you to make decisions that can boost your company.

When it comes to lead generation, your primary main focus should be the sales and marketing departments. The two work hand in hand and adopting intelligence tools to assist both teams reach a mutual goal is a major win! You are bound to reach success if you follow through with the intended data that you managed to gather using these tools.

Boosting Lead Generation And Scoring

When it comes to getting more successful leads, you should first try to focus on lead gathering, considering that it is the first step of the lead management process. You might find yourself having trouble finding target accounts at the very beginning as it is traditionally considered to be the way to make the first contact with potential prospects. Aside from that, you might find that data points are also possible to reach with the use of email marketing, marketing campaigns, as well as learning about various buying signals.

Once you have successfully nurtured your leads, you should find out whether they are going to be effective when it comes to the prospects that you have been building. You should know that an effective lead would be judged by how it can fit with the ideal customer profile. You can now proceed with processing your qualified leads, making sure that they get the necessary attention.


It is only natural for lead generating to be a challenge, but with the proper use of sales intelligence, success can only become an easier goal to attain. Enjoy the leisure of gathering leads using sales intelligence. Productivity has never been this easy to manage, so what’s stopping you?

February 15, 2021