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Prospect Verification and Prospecting with Saphyte CRM

Published on October 15, 2020
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3 min read

Prospecting is a significant part of your sales process, as it helps advance the pipeline of your potential customers. If done right, it can also help you focus on the right accounts and develop personalized services for your customers. That is why it is important to have at least a basic grasp on how prospecting works and how it helps with your overall sales cycle.

What is Prospecting?

Prospecting is a process of initiating and developing your business by scouting for potential customers, clients, or buyers to subscribe to your products or services. The goal of prospecting is to move your prospects through your sales funnel until they eventually become revenue-generating customers.

The whole process of prospecting revolves around the idea of identifying good-fit customers for your business. This means finding prospects or leads who truly need your product or service to solve their individual and unique challenges and pain points. And there are plenty of ways, your sales team can go about it.

What is the Process of Prospect Verification and why choosing a CRM software is vital to the whole process?  

Validating your prospects is the first step to take before commencing phone calls and email marketing campaigns. By doing so, you can have an organized and segmented customer data that you can use to create an effective sales funnel. The more effective your sales funnel is, the more you can increase sales

Organizing, segmenting, and qualifying your leads is already tough enough at this point. Having separate platforms to execute your verification process makes it even harder. That is why it is essential to have a CRM solution that fits right into your process.

CRM tools are more than just your ordinary contact management tools, but they’re also helpful during your validation process. Here’s how a customer relationship management tool (CRM) tool, like Saphyte, can help you with your prospect validation process.

Streamlines research, qualification, and prioritization of your leads

The first step in your research phase is doing a swift internal qualification check to make sure that your leads have all the criteria to identify the most common qualities of your potential or ideal buyers. The criteria you’ve set should be decided together with your sales team.

It is also important for your team to run through your qualification criteria before you reach out and start commencing on customer interaction efforts. This is to better prioritize your outreach efforts. Take note, there are some leads that may want to quickly connect with you, and there are others you’ll immediately rule out.

Saphyte has client management and lead scoring tools that can help you with your qualification, segmentation, and prioritization of your leads. Users can have the ability to organize and group their leads into segments by setting status and sub-status on your contacts. The platform in return can sort them for you.

Identifying key decision-makers

Wasting time on conversations with low-level managers that won’t be able to make a decisive purchasing decision on your product is a waste of space and effort. This is why it essential that during your whole verification process, you need to be able to identify which of your contacts are the “real boss”.

Finding that on your own is all well and good. But, have you ever thought that there are reliable tools that can help you with your lead generation and key decision-maker identification process? They can all be found in Saphyte’s CRM too.

Saphyte has a feature called Sync, a web extension tool that you can add to your browser. Saphyte users can easily capture your leads from LinkedIn. All you have to do is add the extension to your browser, go to your LinkedIn account, search for the key decision-makers, and capture those leads. The tool in return saves any customer information directly to the CRM platform.   

Reach out and schedule a meeting

Persistence is one of the key ingredients in sales prospecting.

Whether it’s during phone calls or email exchanges, you need to commit to ambitious sales goals for the number of qualified prospects you start conversations on a day-to-day basis. This will be the support of your pipeline for the days, weeks, and months to come.

When it comes to reaching and scheduling meetings, your Google Calendar or sticky notes can be of help. But, why how about taking it up to the next level?

With Saphyte, not only that you can synchronize your calendar schedules to the CRM, but you can also manage your tasks, take notes, and schedule meetings within the platform. This will save time and eventually create better customer experiences during your interactions with your prospects.  

Educating and fully qualifying your prospect’s needs

It’s your sales team’s job to take charge of bringing in only customers that’ll help in improving customer satisfaction by using your products or services now.

Now that you’ve communicated with your sales prospect, the goal of this stage is to take a final pass at truly qualifying their needs for their specific business needs. At this stage, you also need to make sure there’s a common fit for the prospect to become a pleased customer.

You also need to take note that at this time the qualification process is much more hands-on, in-depth, and should be based on your previous conversations. Rather than relying on initial upfront research, you also need to put an effort to study the conversations you’ve had, work until all questions are answered and be involved during the decision-making process.

A CRM can help you relay your messages to your prospects, set a call with them, and sit through the tough questions before putting them into your sales pipeline. Remember, don’t close bad-sales prospects, it’s bad for business and business reputation.  

Address objections and close the sale

A call with a qualified sales prospect is like walking on a minefield. There will be plenty of objections, questions about the limitations of particular product features, protests about pricing, and any other common sales objections.

So, address these objections and if they can’t decide on taking the product today, you can always try again the next day. However, if it’s still a no, let it sit for a few more days in your pipeline and try again until you’ve closed that deal.


Prospect verification might be a rough road to take. However, it’s made easier when you have the right tools with you. With that, you might want to consider subscribing to Saphyte CRM.

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM platform that offers an inexpensive, pay-as-you-go, and non-complicated subscription plans for small businesses and medium enterprises. Users don’t need to install the platform into their local computers. All you need is a reliable Internet connection, a browser, and an account.

Each subscription plan is inclusive of a free demo and product training. No installation fees, no extra or hidden charges, and a 24/7 expert customer support availability.

Start your prospecting right. Contact us now for a free demo. Or start your free trial today.

October 15, 2020