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Published on August 26, 2020
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Managing a team may seem like a walk in the park, but, it’s actually quite the opposite. There are tons of factors for team leaders to consider before they even execute a plan or even delegate a task efficiently.

Delegating tasks is an essential part of making your team work. Delegation empowers your team, it builds trust, and greatly contributes to professional development. There’s no denying that delegation is a powerful contribution for a small business.

That is why it is essential to have a productivity and task management tool to help you and your team to be even more effective in their roles.

The Role of CRM Systems for Effective Task Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like Sales Force Automation, Hubspot, or Saphyte are built with tools that best suits your sales and marketing teams. These tools play an important role to make your sales process effective and seamless.

From contact management, organizing contact information, lead scoring, email marketing, marketing campaigns, and social media campaigns – a CRM can be of great help for you. When you are managing customer information, customer interactions, and do marketing automation on the fly, there are cloud-based CRM solution providers that can help you with that too.

On top of that, CRM’s can help you derive smart and data-driven business decisions through its built-in sales intelligence and sales forecasting features. These features will help you and your team grow further and be more proactive in the market.

How Organizations can Greatly Benefit from CRM

Having a CRM for your organization empowers your team and departments to work effectively and will have a better and efficient way for data management and reporting. The right CRM will not only ensure that the sales and various marketing tasks are managed and completed properly but will also avoid any mishaps in the future.

Furthermore, a CRM software can improve communication and coordination amongst your team members and collaboration amongst your sales representatives.

Most CRM platforms can easily manage your everyday business tasks and help you in saving time for manual data entry for timesheets and Excel files. Most CRM tools have automation features built in the system too.

Features like automating your event reminders, sales pipelines, company and deals management, email senders, workflow automation, and email notifications.

When your team has lesser admin work to do, they can spend more time in interacting with your customers and eventually increase their sales performance. The better your sales and marketing team are performing, the better value it brings to your business.

Calendars are used to manage and schedule your appointments – another great benefit of CRM for your business. CRM systems can also help your team in scheduling appointments without having to go to another software.

 Each person in your team has their unique sets of tasks and unique sets of customers. CRM allows you to customize tasks and clients by priority. These priority assignments of tasks in return give way to proper management of workload.

An effective CRM tool can help you increase your productivity rate, and the visibility and awareness of your organization or business.

Most CRM’s are built with a call back reminder features to help your sales team sustain regular contact and update your existing or potential customers with the latest offers or information. If you can successfully uphold your customer relation, it will surely help you in growing your business and its network.

When you have a proper CRM management tool, you can effectively manage your whole team, plus increase sales productivity efficiently and effectively.

How Saphyte CRM New Features Help you to Effectively Manage your Sales and Marketing Tasks

Saphyte is a CRM system built with features to help you streamline all of your corporate, sales and marketing activities, and integrate them into one powerful platform.

Saphyte has sales and marketing tools intended to progress your business efficiency and productivity. The system helps you manage your customer data, conduct data-driven marketing tactics and strategies, and identify opportunities for your business and its growth.

Overall, Saphyte is built with the intention to help businesses achieve growth and build long-term customer relationships, at the same time give business the scalability and flexibility it needs.

Saphyte is known for its customization features that fits right into any business’s needs. The system is designed to grow along with your business and can be tailored according to your business processes.

With that intention, Saphyte is proud to introduce some of its newest features that can greatly benefit you and your sales and marketing team in handling and managing your tasks.

Sales Hierarchy

With this feature, you can easily organize your sales according to your personal preference and accordance to your business process. This feature is flexible that you can use it to categorize your deals according to sectors, team hierarchy, timeline, milestones, and many more.

How will the Sales Hierarchy feature greatly benefit your team?

The Sales Hierarchy feature will greatly be helpful for your sales marketing and support team as you can divide your salesperson’s tasks and prevent overlapping over pipelines. It’ll also be easier to monitor the performance of your team, since the feature allows you to assign certain functions or tasks to each salesperson.

Email Calendar Integration

Every employee would want to minimize going from one software to another. Like from CRM to emails, or emails to calendar software. With Saphyte, your team members no longer have to switch from one software to another.

Saphyte lets you sync your tasks to your email calendars such as Google, Outlook, and Yahoo. This integration can greatly help you ensure that your tasks due dates are aligned with your priorities and you can manage your tasks conveniently using the scheduling tool that you are most familiar with.

How will the Email Calendar Integration be beneficial for your team?

Your team won’t have to switch from one tab or software most of the time. This will enable them to have plenty of time to do more on crucial and essential tasks. On top of that, it minimizes confusion and keeps your team on schedule.

Add Tasks

Task management is a crucial component to the success of your team. With Saphyte, Task Management has been easy for businesses and organizations.

MyDiary is where you can view your task dashboard and create tasks and associate it with your client or team members all in a single page. This feature makes sure that your team is always in the know about and will never miss any tasks, meetings, and other important events through Saphyte’s built-in notification system.

How can Add Tasks help your team?

Delegating tasks may seem easy but they’re not. You have to make it right the first time and be able to maintain and monitor activities along the way. With Saphyte, team leaders can effectively manage their team members without having to exert too much effort.

Having effective team leaders can produce effective team members. Hence, making your business more effective and efficient for the long haul.

In finding a CRM that can help you streamline your sales processes and task management activities, consider Saphyte.

Saphyte is not only built to make your business more scalable and flexible, but it’s also made to give your business a shot at success. Saphyte has its pay-as-you-go monthly fees, with no extra or hidden charges, and no set-up fees. Every subscription plan is inclusive of a free demo, and a 24/7 customer support readily available for you and your business.

Choose a CRM that adapts to you. Choose Saphyte.

August 26, 2020