4 Indisputable Signs You Need a CRM

Published on November 21, 2020
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4 min read

The rate of CRM adaptation has skyrocketed in the past few years. And, according to trends and estimates, this increase will continue to happen in the following years. It was even projected by a research study that by 2025, the CRM market has the potential to increase to $82 billion, growing at 12% per year. That is why businesses of different sizes are considering seeking the help of Customer Relationship Management or CRM systems to boost their business performance. 

But, adapting to a certain change in technology is something that is not easy to make. It is understandable that it needs a lot of time for decision making. That is why most people who plan to adapt to this change often question themselves if they actually need a CRM right now. If they are in need, which CRM provider should they ask for service, what kind of subscription should they need, and so on.

There are a lot of considerations which is why this article will help you by pointing out the signs you need a CRM. 

Poor and Non-centralized Data Storage

According to a study, around 40% of sales teams still use spreadsheets and email programs to store their customer data. This value is still surprisingly high. So, the first sign that you need to know that you need a CRM is if you lack data management.

The evidence that shows you have poor data management is that you still find yourself using spreadsheets, post-it notes, or even huge metal drawers filled with sacks of paper. These can be effective. But the disadvantage of having this system is that the more customer interactions you have through the years, the efficiency of these methods drop drastically. 

Another evidence is if your business does not have central database storage for all your business data. This means that you have multiple places in which you keep your contact information, sales information, etc.

So if you need certain data, your employees have to search through three or more different systems just to retrieve a single piece of information. This eats up so much time and is extremely laborious. This shows that, indeed, traditional methods of data management cannot efficiently accommodate huge piles of data in the present times anymore. 

But with CRM, all of your data can be kept in one central database that is updated in real-time. All of your customer data, products, and services information, sales projections, and so on can be stored and accessed by you and your employees easily. You no longer have to worry about losing valuable data. Because you can even keep track of your different team’s progress based on the data they put into the system. 

To maximize this benefit, you have to look out for cloud-based CRM. This feature will allow you to store and access data whenever you want and wherever you are. You do not have to be in the office to access the necessary data.

Instead, as long as you are connected to the internet, you can monitor your business performance. On the other hand, your field employees like your sales reps can readily give customers full details of your products and services, making them more effective in their marketing campaigns.

Manual Task Process and Poor Data Analysis

This next sign is directly related to the previous one. Most likely if you do not have a centralized data storage yet, there is a higher chance that you are still doing manual task processes. This becomes especially tedious when it comes to manual reporting because it consumes a great deal of time which is not worthwhile. 

For example, if your sales team would want to present a sales report. They would have to swim into a huge pool of data, manually crunch the numbers, go through the sales process, and so on just to make a single report. If that is how your team is working right now, chances are you would greatly benefit from CRM automation tools. 

With a proper system set up, all the information you input to the system day to day can be automatically exported as an analyzed data report. The best thing is that you can easily access statistics in a graph of your preference in a customizable dashboard. This dashboard keeps you updated on where you stand and at the same time keeps everyone in the team focused on your business goals. 

Good CRM systems, like Saphyte, are even equipped with business intelligence. This tool looks into your sales and business data to spot trends. The CRM system then analyzes these reports and provides you accurate sales forecasts that would help you in your future business decisions.

Inefficient customer service

Every business person knows how tough it is to gain customers and the last thing you would ever want is to lose them because of inefficient customer engagements and services. Especially nowadays, with so much competition going on, customers tend to gravitate towards businesses that have efficient and speedy customer care. 

Having to deal with robotic email marketing schemes is something that your customers and potential customers would want to avoid. And, is something that would definitely not help in improving customer relationships. Instead, they would expect personalized service. This means more phone calls or emails with customer reps who have accurate information about their dealings and interactions with your business.  

Without CRM tools this would be difficult to achieve because if you are still burdened about the two previous signs mentioned above, your team would not have the time and energy to cater to your customers’ needs and achieve good customer satisfaction. 

With CRM, on the other hand, the system can help you categorize your customers based on their needs, interests, location, and your sales cycle. Having an organized system will allow your customer support team to have the personalized approach that they need. This wow-factor kind of service will increase customer satisfaction, and then customer retention, and ultimately will increase your sales. 

Rapid Business Growth

No matter how positive this sign sounds, rapid business growth can potentially become a stumbling block to businesses. Just like a balloon, if one is not equipped and is flexible enough for rapid expansion there is a high risk of explosion. The most attributable reason for this is that the business can no longer accommodate the increasing customer demands and expectations. 

This is where the advantages of CRM are needed the most. As your business grows, it is best to lay down a good foundation for all your business processes. Especially since it is expected that the number of your employees will grow along with your increasing customer base, having a strong organizational and management structure as a strong foundation will rid you from worrying about building your business higher and higher. 

The Bottom Line

Now that everything is laid out for you, it is time for you to reflect if these signs are present in your business right now. If it is the case, having a CRM system, like Saphyte, that can help you deal with all the signs listed in this article is a good choice. 

Saphyte CRM is flexible and scalable, so it does not matter whether you are a startup or a large scale business. It also does not matter what kind of industry you are in, Saphyte adapts with you and grows with you to help you in your business endeavors. 

If you are interested in taking advantage of these benefits, do not hesitate to contact us now. Our customer representatives are always ready for you.

November 20, 2020