Saphyte: the Best Banking CRM Software in Dubai

Published on November 24, 2020
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4 min read

Your banking business can either be a nimble titan (quick to move and creating a powerful impact) or a hulking elephant (slow to move). With the help of a CRM, you can avoid being the latter.

Most people think that a CRM software is just made for sales, enterprises, and small businesses. However, more than ever, banks and financial institutions need a customer relationship management (CRM) software and integrate it into their sales cycle.

A banking CRM software helps banks and other financial institutions manage their customers, improve their overall sales process, and understand their needs better in order to deliver the exact solutions quickly. There are plenty of definite benefits of CRM in banking. Here are some of them.

Boosting Sales and Increased Lead Conversions

According to reports, business banks loan out 15 times more money than consumer lending institutions. The risk factors are high if you want to get those big business accounts, but the rewards are as high as the risk.

In order to close big accounts, you need a reliable CRM to get you ahead of your competitors. With a CRM, you can identify qualified leads, nurture them, and convert them into deals before your competitors even know what hit them. 

Inter-Department Data Tracking

Today, businesses are a data-driven sector. But likes, clicks, and visits aren’t the only data points that can help improve your marketing. You need to know how many of those behaviors lead to successful sales.

And having separate spreadsheets for that just won’t cut it. This is where a CRM does best. From seamlessly storing customer information, segmenting data, data tracking, and centralized communication.

Every bit of update and changes can be seen all throughout the system. Your sales and marketing teams can avoid any mishaps in communicating within the team and with your potential customers. The more seamless your data tracking activity is, the better way you can serve your customers.

Increasing Productivity

In recent studies, they’ve found out that almost 8 out of 10 or 79 percent of all the leads you’ve gathered are never converted to sales. Adding more people to your sales team is impractical if you can boost your results with a technology like a CRM.

A CRM can help you cut costs by mitigating repetitive administrative tasks, streamlining contracts or proposals, and keeping your sales team in the loop. With the right system, banks are capable of handling more clients in less time.

Improving Customer Experience

Even if your bank has only a few products and services, you can still improve your brand more by delivering an impeccable customer service. You can do this by answering questions and solving problems quickly, without handing the customer off from one department to another.

With a decent banking CRM, you can effortlessly put all your departments on the same page and swiftly provide each customer with solutions. Remember, the easier your customer’s journey, the greater the return it’ll be for your business’s value.

Why Saphyte is the Best Choice as a CRM?

Finding a banking system that can assist you in executing these tips seamlessly might be tough. But you can work through it by checking Saphyte CRM as a start.

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM and SaaS that can help banks and other financial institutions streamline their sales and marketing activities, and integrate them into a single platform. Saphyte is designed and built with sales and marketing tools that can help you improve your bank’s productivity and efficiency.

Saphyte is a system that aids you in managing vital customer data, conducting marketing tactics and strategies, identifying opportunities for the long haul, achieving growth, and fostering long-term customer relationships. Above all that here are some reasons why Saphyte is the best choice for a banking CRM software.

Saphyte has Lead Generation Boosting Features

Saphyte is not just your ordinary contact management tool. The system is made to help your sales team gather and nurture leads. Gather your leads by integrating your social media platforms into Saphyte’s system. Any data made through your social media channels are automatically sent to the CRM’s database.

Another way for you to gather customer data is through Saphyte’s Form Builders. Create forms that you can utilize for your websites to capture leads. The form captures information you need from your prospects. The moment the form detects an entry, it’ll send data into the CRM’s system.

To further add, Saphyte has a tool called Sync – a browser plugin that you can install to make contact information gathering from your LinkedIn profiles seamless and accurate. With Sync, you can eliminate or lessen manual data entry activities— it also makes your data syncing and data gathering activities more accurate and precise and more productive.

Lastly, Saphyte’s mobile CRM app is built with a business scanner feature to document, transfer, and store data to your database in a breeze. By simply scanning, you can store important contact information into the system without the hassle. Thus, making your data migration quick, easy, and accurate.

With Saphyte’s lead generation tools, you can create an accurate and reliable source of data for future customer interaction.

Saphyte has Productivity Tools fit for any type of team

Sales productivity might be a difficult goal to reach, that is why you need help by automating manual tasks. With that, you can change the way you do banking – and all for the better. The dream to increase sales is never too far to reach with Saphyte.

Automate most of your manual processes and other workflows with Saphyte, from lead generation and to other workflow processes. You can now ditch your manual business process like manually scoring your leads, making a product catalog from scratch, and sending email marketing materials, surveys, and product updates.

Saphyte doesn’t end with that. You can also create personalized emails for your existing customers, and send out scheduled email marketing campaigns and materials – all without having to leave the platform. 

Saphyte can help you mitigate your tellers’ and sales rep’s journey from one platform to another. The tools they need to stay productive can be found within the system. Hence, giving your team more time to do more revenue-driven activities for your bank.

Saphyte has tools to help you derive data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions are necessary and crucial for banks and financial institutions. These decisions are not made up of a series of guesswork. In order to come up with a decision, you need your source of data to be consistent and centralized.

Sure, having your data on separate Excel or Google files may work for a while, but your business’s growth is on the line. Are you willing to take that risk?

With Saphyte you can gear up your bank for growth through its Sales Forecasting and Sales Intelligence tools. These tools can assist you in making data-driven decisions for you and your bank’s future.

The Sales Intelligence tool gathers and organizes all contact information concerning a client. The feature’s algorithm in return, processes this information, automatically analyzing the collated data, and generates easy-to-understand reporting visuals.

The Sales Forecasting tool creates an accurate approximation of your future sales. This might take more time because you’re building significant and accurate data first. Hence, the reason to invest in a CRM at the earliest convenience.

As you move along, the system can create realistic forecasting insights and assist you in coming up with business decisions that can mitigate future business losses.

Start right with the right CRM tool

The right CRM software for banking can help you foster lasting relationships with your customers and gain new ones. Start it with the right tool, start it with Saphyte.

As a pay-as-you-go subscription plan basis web platform, you won’t need to install the system into your local computer as the system is a cloud-based CRM. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a browser.

Each plan is inclusive of a free demo and one-on-one product training. Waiving off set-up fees, and extra or hidden charges. Saphyte also offers 24/7 expert customer support availability. Set your bank for the future with Saphyte today. Contact us for a free demo or start your free trial today. 

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