How to Avoid Losing Leads

Published on January 13, 2021
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Imagine getting leads using your lead generation techniques and imagine actually turning them into customers? While this may sound easy on paper, it’s actually a struggle that most businesses can identify with.

Losing leads is a difficult challenge to overcome. That’s because most businesses don’t know what to do to sustain the interest of their leads.

What’s more, activating cold leads is a crucial part of the sales process as they can significantly contribute to the business’s growth. If a business continues to lose leads, its sales may remain stagnant, and the business may suffer negative cash outflow.

So how can you avoid losing leads?

What you should know:

The first five minutes is crucial in securing leads, use CRM systems to automate this process for efficiency

A simple sales process allows sales teams to track and monitor leads effectively

Focusing on HOT leads is better than dividing your attention to all leads equally

3 Tips to Avoid Losing Leads

To avoid losing leads, check out these three tips that successful companies follow:

Timely Communication is Key

The first five minutes are the most important part period when contacting a lead, according to a Harvard Business Review study. The study observed a 400% increase in lead response when a lead is engaged within the first five minutes upon contact.

That means salespeople must be able to send an email, make a phone call, or send whatever is needed to be sent to elicit a response from a lead. According to experts, sending a welcome email is the best way to engage leads.

A welcome email should have a brief description of the brand identity: what do you do and what value can you give to the target recipient.

It should also encourage leads to make a purchase. This can be done by giving them a WELCOME discount voucher, a cash voucher, or a freebie, among others.

Sending a WELCOME EMAIL can be done manually. But it is best to AUTOMATE this process.

Saphyte lets you automate the sending of emails to welcome leads

With the use of CRMs like Saphyte, you can configure the system to send a WELCOME EMAIL to leads that perform specific tasks like filling out a form, subscribing to the company newsletter, or downloading a lead magnet.

Simplify the Sales Process

As a customer, nothing irks you more than a sales process that’s messy and delayed. But simplifying the sales process is more of a benefit to the sales team than the customer.

A simple sales process allows the sales team to qualify leads (cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads), keep track and monitor them, and perform the appropriate task to ensure the sales funnel is flowing smoothly.

Using technologies like Saphyte can help you visualize your sales pipeline, get detailed information about your leads, and perform specific actions (manually and automatically) to encourage leads to explore more about your business, check out your products and services, and make the first purchase.

Saphye allows you to customize or use system email templates to quickly craft an email for specific leads

Sending cold leads FOLLOW UP EMAILS can help reintroduce them to your business and inform them about the benefits of your products and services, encouraging them to make the first purchase.

Focus on HOT Leads

While it is encouraged to focus on ALL leads, a company can only do so much when it comes to communicating with leads. This part of the sales process can be quite expensive to do too, especially when you have to do this MANUALLY.

So it is recommended to focus on hot leads than on anything else. If possible, remove all the DEAD LEADS in your sales funnel so you can focus on those that are more likely to convert.

CRMs like Saphyte let you know your leads at a deeper level

Using CRM systems like Saphyte lets you get more detailed information about your leads, like what company they’re working for, what departments they work in, or even personal information like hobbies, income, interests, etc.

Once a lead makes a purchase, don’t forget to give after-sales support. Improving the customer experience is crucial in determining whether a customer will make a purchase from you again.


To avoid losing leads, send emails promptly, use technologies like Saphyte for efficiency, simplify your sales process, and focus on leads that matter.

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