What are the Benefits of Using CRM for your Business?

Published on December 9, 2020
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Technology come and go. It seems like every week there’s a new software that comes into the market that promises new and wonderful things for your business. Albeit there are plenty of technologies that has been proven themselves effective, a particular sales technology has stayed beyond consistent.

The customer relationship management (CRM) software has made its rounds with businesses and their sales teams all over the world. But what are the benefits of using CRM for your business mean? Here are some of the most notable benefits of CRM for your business.

Maintain a central database across your sales organization

CRM allows your whole sales organization to keep all customer information — over any length of time — in a secured and central database. This function allows for swift cross-team access as well as the capability to manage all information effortlessly via a shared location.

CRM technology helps your reps avoid spending more time looking through files and records just to find the information they need about your prospects. Thus, making follow-ups and closing deals easier for them.

Be reminded to follow up with prospects

With customer engagement timing is everything. A CRM allows you to keep track of all your customer interaction history and, which in turn helps your reps know when your sales reps need to follow up with their prospects.

When CRM users are prompted about their follow-ups, they are able to set a scheduled contact at a certain point when their support is most helpful to the prospect. This way, your reps can increase the likelihoods of them converting more of your leads into customers.

Build profitable customer relationships through effective customer interaction

Relationships are the essential element of any effective business. That is why it is temperamental to focus your strategy on enhancing them.

With the CRM solutions of the present, you can be able to get a 360-degree customer view.By using your CRM’s full potential, you can build longer and more profitable customer experiences. These experiences in return can build better relationships that goes beyond sales and marketing that leads to customer retention.

Scale your sales processes over time

As mentioned, a CRM can provide your sales team with a repository where they can keep track of your leads, prospects, and potential customers over any duration of time. A CRM allows you to review detailed activities like emails, calls, and meetings scheduled with these contacts.

Sales managers can also use the data gathered to classify patterns and see which of your sales processes are working for your team and which ones need a bit of improvement. This is how your sales team can use the information stored into the CRM to gauge your processes as your business grows.

Grow your Business with Saphyte CRM

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is an investment that should not be taken lightly. With that, you might want to look at a system that grows with you. A system built like Saphyte.

Saphyte is more than just your ordinary contact management tool. This CRM software developed by Loyica can enable you to streamline your sales, marketing, and corporate activities on a day-to-day basis. The system is primarily built to put your business and sales processes on the move within a single platform.

The software enables your business to move seamlessly with its sales and marketing functions designed to improve customer interaction, foster customer satisfaction and relations, and create overall business efficiency and productivity.

Here are the top features of Saphyte that you ought to check out.

Flawless and Seamless Data Storage

Your business processes will always start and end with data. Saphyte CRM has contact management functions that can offer you and your sales team with a centralized and secure storage space where you can save huge amount of essential customer data.

With Saphyte’s lead gathering tools, you can gather customer information from your landing pages or incorporate them to your website through Form Builders. You can integrate your social media channels to the system, too, to obtain further customer info for better lead gathering.

Saphyte also has features like Sync and Saphyte Scan. With Sync, you can excerpt data from your prospect’s LinkedIn profiles and store them to the system. All you have to do is install the tool to your browser, login to your LinkedIn profile, search for your prospect’s profile, click on the Sync button located at the topmost of your browser, and let the tool capture and store the information for you.

Saphyte Scan is also a great feature of the Saphyte CRM’s mobile app. All you need is to do is to log-in to your Saphyte account, tap on Scan, get your prospect’s business card, and scan-and-store your info to the system. You can also edit the details along the way.

These features allow you to make data collection error-free and seamless. Thus, making data management easier for your lead generation specialists and your business.

Once you have placed all your data in one secured place, your team can now have straight access to relevant information. Thus, allowing them to have full autonomy on how to handle data that initiates the implementation of your marketing, sales, and lead generation strategies.

Close more deals

Saphyte’s Client Management features has tools that allows you save your contact’s important details and manage all your customer information within one source. The great thing about this is that they won’t have to leave the platform, and spend less time scrolling time too.

The Client Management module of Saphyte has features like Categorization, Status and Updates, lead scoring, and documentation. These features allow users to handily organize and label their data, score their leads, and segment prospects accordingly.

Saphyte also has a detailed Sales pipeline feature that is every sales manager’s friend. You can set up each touchpoint synced in to your sales cycle. You can also allocate each lead to their respective sales reps through the Sales Hierarchy feature for better sales management.

Saphyte also has other useful tools that allows you to upload documentation files, organize contact information, put in notes, generate reports, manage day-to-day tasks, and nurture significant business relationships.

Workflows that flows with your process

Saphyte can automate your email marketing materials about your product or service on a schedule that works with your sales process. Saphyte’s Workflow is a convenient and a beneficial feature if you want to create collective awareness and primary contact with your targeted list.

These smart workflows can also be implemented with no hassle and users won’t have to fear themselves about technology adoption. Saphyte’s Workflow has a user-friendly interface.

All you have to do is drag and drop the elements you need, edit, click and connect the nodes and elements into your workflow sheet. Afterwards, let the tool build your email process flawlessly.

Data Analysis for Better Decision-making

Simply storing data is not acceptable. Saphyte is built with features that can gather in customer information, analyze them, processes them, and create helpful insights.

Saphyte comes with a customizable dashboard for every sales rep’s bidding. They can now have access to an accurate view of metrics that matters to them the moment they open their Saphyte account.

Metrics from your recent campaigns, closed sales, and other projects. Furthermore, this supplies you and your team with an accurate and real-time information. Which in turn allows you effectively implement and re-adjust your sales and marketing plan and strategies.

Scalable, Flexible and Grows with your business

Saphyte CRM solutions can be customized according to your business’s needs. Add your own modules, tools, or custom processes to the system. This way, the software can grow along with your business and can be tailor-made according to your business processes.

Saphyte adapts to you; you do not adapt to Saphyte.

Subscription Fees that Fits with your business’s budget

If you’re still not up to committing to a full-scale CRM for your business, then Saphyte has subscription pricing that can be a good fit for your business.

Saphyte has affordable pay-as-you-go subscription plans built for a small business to the enterprise level and is a SaaS cloud-based CRM. You don’t have to install the system to a PC. Thus, saving you money on buying storage or new office equipment.

Furthermore, you won’t need to go to the office to have access to your CRM. All you need is a Saphyte account, a reliable browser, and a stable Internet connection.

Each subscription plan includes a free demo and one-on-one product training. No set-up fees, no extra or hidden charges, no maintenance or upgrade fees, and a 24/7 expert local customer support availability for businesses in Dubai.

You can now stop asking “What are the benefits of using CRM for your business?” and start discovering benefits by booking a demo with us or starting your free trial now.

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