What is Mobile CRM: Fundamentals and Necessities

Published on December 20, 2020
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According to recent statistics, there are already about 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. And on average in the US, each adult spends 2 hours and 55 minutes on their smartphones every day. Because of this, it is never surprising that in a study, the proportion of internet traffic coming from mobile devices grew from 0.7 in 2009 to 52.99% worldwide in 2017. And having a pandemic at the beginning of 2020 definitely, made this number continue to grow. 

As a consequence of this increase in mobile adaptation, businesses strive to become more flexible in the work arrangements of their employees and their business process. And thus, instead of CRM tools in desktop applications, interests are moving into the mobile space. If in the past, going mobile is something a business can do optionally, now, it is quickly becoming a necessity.

With that, there is a need for businesses, both small and large scale, to become more educated in the field of mobile CRM. Let us explore more on this increasing trend in this article.

What is Mobile CRM

First and foremost, let us start by defining Mobile CRM. A mobile CRM refers to a version of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is accessible via your mobile device (e.g. a smartphone or a tablet). This innovation allows you to access a highly useful organizational and integrational tool in just a click on your mobile phone in real-time.

You no longer have to carry your laptops around or open your PC just to access customer information etc., because everything you need is already literally in the palm of your hand. Because of this convenience and ease of access, in Europe over 61% of companies have adopted a Mobile CRM app.

This raised the question of whether or not it is beneficial for companies to adopt a Mobile CRM version of their CRM solutions.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Employees

Looking back five years ago, most jobs would require an employee to be present in the office to do their task. Back then the idea of working remotely has been perceived as difficult. But, with the existence of Mobile CRM and Cloud-based CRM, this has changed.

Nowadays, office employees are no longer limited to working on their desks because they can now work on the go. This is especially beneficial for those members of the sales team who travel from office to office meeting different prospects and having daily customer engagements. These field agents can benefit from mobile CRM because they can easily grab access to their schedules, work goals, daily tasks, etc., even when they are not in the office.

This does not only give employees ease and comfort but actually, research has shown that companies gain an extra 240 hours of work each year from employees using mobile CRM. Providing them access to CRM on the go, allows them to accomplish their tasks easier making them more productive than ever. Working on the go allows employees to have a certain degree of freedom and flexibility which creates a better working environment.

Because of Mobile CRM, even if your department and team members are not in the same building, or even in different countries across the globe, all of you can get easy access to the same data in a single platform. Ironically, in this pandemic and despite working remotely, business teams have been more collaborative and united because of mobile CRM.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Large and Small Business Owners

The benefits of Mobile CRM for business owners can also not be overlooked because all of the sales processes, marketing campaigns, customer interactions, sales leads, and everything else pertaining to running your business can now be easily monitored. This is especially helpful for small business owners who have lesser manpower. Instead of hiring more people to make reports for each aspect of your business, through mobile CRM, you can easily look at the charts on the go.

Moreover, the software also keeps you on track with your business goals and targets. A compact and customizable dashboard on your mobile phone provides you a with visible to-do list. This will help you as an owner who has so many things to consider and manage to focus on what needs to be done first.

You also will not have problems with contact management because you have an integrated system on your mobile phone. Whenever you need to do phone calls to a client or business partner, you do not have to search through piles of calling cards or in your personal phonebook.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Customers

Mobile CRM is not only beneficial to the employees, the owner, or the organization as a whole. In fact, the customers are the most benefited when a business adopts a Mobile CRM system. This is because it helps ensure that customers get the best and premium services that they deserve at all times.

The problem with doing business in the traditional means is that doing manual work takes a lot of your and your employees’ time and energy. Most often than not, you no longer have time to listen and read through your customer’s feedback. Leaving piles of important issues to address and solve unattended.

But with a Mobile CRM app, your customer representatives are more than equipped to handle customer concerns to improve customer satisfaction. First and foremost, with mobile CRM your customers can contact you where and when they choose. And then, on your end, you can instantly address each concern, segregate each subject matter, and escalate to proper departments, regardless of time and location.

With this, you can implement a 24-hour platform to address urgent concerns and queries. You will not have issues changing from one platform to the other, because you have all the platforms integrated with your mobile CRM system app. This prompt customer service will greatly contribute to your customer’s experience and ultimately customer satisfaction.

In a world where a lot of companies rely on templates in replying to their customers, having a personalized and non-robotic approach will definitely set your business apart from the others. Your mobile customers will be able to appreciate the element of human touch and would make them feel more trust in your brand.


All of these benefits in the view of different perspectives would lead your business to a stronger sales and service team, and a more accommodating and compassionate business when it comes to serving your customers. After you have made sure that your business is ready to take on the mobile demand challenge, all you need to do is to seek the right Mobile CRM provider for you.

In looking for a provider, businesses must make sure that the CRM they are looking for is scalable and flexible in meeting their business needs. Just like Saphyte CRM, whatever size or level you are in the business world, Saphyte can adapt and adjust according to your needs.

Furthermore, Saphyte CRM offers competent, efficient, and exemplary services at an affordable price. With this, Saphyte helps businesses transform digitally and adapt to the increasing mobile trend more easily. Especially since many business owners feel troubled about whether or not to invest in mobile CRM.

You may contact our customer representatives now so that you can take full advantage of the features of Mobile CRM. Our reps are ready for your questions and concerns twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

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