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Campaign Management CRM Solution for Businesses

Published on September 15, 2020
3 min read
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3 min read

Campaign management refers to creating, planning, analyzing, and executing your marketing strategies across all of your platforms. Before, this takes a lot of time and effort just to complete the planning stage. You even need multiple software to effectively execute your marketing strategies.

But due to recent technological advances, a single system is now capable of handling all of your corporate activities. This will give businesses the liberty to create an easier sales process and marketing campaigns. Especially those small businesses that need simpler but powerful solutions for their business growth.

Let me introduce to you Saphyte, a CRM platform that manages all of your business processes at an affordable price. Saphyte is a system that is both a campaign management software and a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. It is proven effective to manage your marketing campaigns, customer interactions, sale products, and many more.

Saphyte’s Campaign Management

Campaign management refers to creating, planning, analyzing, and executing your marketing strategies across all of your platforms. With Saphyte, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies directed at your target audience with its campaign management tool. It provides real-time statistics of your marketing campaigns from all of your sales channels.

This tool will allow you to receive immediate notifications of customer activity such as opened emails, number of clicks, phone calls, inquiries, and many more. This is beneficial to small and growing businesses alike as it lessens tasks and workload.

The following are some of Saphyte’s features for better campaign management.

So, for your campaign management CRM solution needs, check out what Saphyte can do for you.

Marketing Automation

We know that marketing is vitally important to attain success in businesses. That is why the CRM system automates all of your marketing strategies for better effectiveness in all of your sales channels.It also provides many essential marketing tools for social media marketing, email marketing, and many more.

Saphyte also gives you many different strategic approaches in your email marketing. It has top of the line email design templates, bulk email sender, and email tracking. You will have the ability to send a single email to thousands of your existing clients and leads. This tool will give an opportunity for your marketing or sales team to follow-up on your leads and prospects in a timely manner.

The system also enables you to integrate different platforms so that you will only need Saphyte in executing your marketing campaigns. Adding your leads to the system via your social media campaigns can be easily done through this integration. You can also increase your lead conversion rate by integrating your different business emails into the system.

This feature also has a tool that consolidates all of your products in one catalog. So, whether you have many sales channels or not, you can easily organize all of your product information across all platforms. This creates more consistent product information that will help meet the expectations of your potential customers.

3rd Party Integration

Aside from integrating your social media platforms and different emails, Saphyte also has many external applications integrated into its system.

  • iCalendar and Google Calendar – Whether you are a pro-Google or pro-Apple, both of these established tech companies are integrated into the system. You can seamlessly create and sync your schedules with this integration. This is useful both for Google and Apple loyalists.
  • Live Chat – Tracking and collecting your leads and sales is made easier with the live chat tool. In here, you can do proper contact management and log all of your customer contact against relevant records. You can also find all of our chat transcripts and data stored in one place.
  • Payment Service Providers –Different PSPs like Zotapay, Skrill, Neteller, Safecharge, SD Systems, Network, and NganLoung accept worldwide payment for convenient payment methods. The previously stated PSPs are legitimate and are integrated into the system. With Saphyte, your payment methods are made easier and more convenient.
  • Identity Verification ­– Integrated identification service providers like IDology and GBG help verify the identity of your clients. It can also help in identifying fraudulence in any contact information. You can do this by simply linking your GBG and IDology account to the system and use it on your onboarding process.

Client Management

Awesome campaign management should always be coupled with expert level client management. Luckily for you, you don’t need to use other software just to have these tools for your business. With Saphyte, the client management tab will help you to effectively manage your contacts database.

The system’s intelligent build immediately prompts you to duplicate entries of your customer information. That is because it only allows one unique data per client. So, should there be any duplicates, you can either replace or merge the client information.

You can also maximize the security of your onboarding process with the Country Risk Management tool. With this, you can specifically label any country as blacklist or whitelist to help you filter risks among your customers.

And to make your business easier, you can group your prospects, clients, and leads into custom categories – depending on your business processes. You can set a status such as Working, Waiting for Response, Contacted, New, and even Not Interested. This will help your team identify which leads to focus on.

And the best thing about this feature is that you can add your B2B clients and create a complete profile for them. You can link them to your specific marketing campaigns, managers, and many more.

These tools help maximize customer experiences and help create a long-lasting relationship with you B2B clients. This way, as your business grows, you can create a reputation for having an awesome client-customer relationship that leads to higher revenue.


Saphyte is the best and most affordable campaign management CRM solution for your business. Whether you are a start-up, small business, or an established one, Saphyte has all the right tools to bring your business to greater heights.

Aside from that, you will also have expert-level support from Saphyte that will give you nothing but excellence. So, you can rest easy while you enjoy the advantages of using Saphyte as your official CRM software.

Do not hesitate to try our product demo for free with no hidden charges. You can also try our product for 1 month, and that is also for free also with no hidden charges. Connect with us today and together let us achieve success in business.

September 15, 2020