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Published on September 2, 2021
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August is done and we’re nearing the end of the year. But Saphyte has made so many developments this month that you shouldn’t miss!

Here is the latest news from Saphyte for August:

Hello, Product Catalogues!

Saphyte’s latest feature is here to let you showcase your collection of products, their pricing information, and specifications— all using the Saphyte ecosystem. This lets you ​​link products directly to your deals and contacts cards. Fast. Smooth. Easy.

The feature also lets you include media, visuals, and documents to best promote your product. It also removes the hassle of manual entries when creating quotes and invoices.

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What our customers say

Mystica Advertising

“Saphyte has been the perfect tool for us to easily digitize the way we manage our customer relationships, moving away from manual processes as the business grows. We can now automatically capture and analyse our leads from a variety of different channels, giving us real-time feedback on where our customers are coming from and how they track along the sales process. Each person is now completely aligned during each project meaning we’re able to effectively maintain a high level of customer experience when delivering our services.”

Abdullah Gadit, Managing Director

Marketing & Advertising

More to Arrive

We still have more surprises and more features to release in the coming weeks. So stay tuned as Saphyte brings you more perspective-changing features that can redefine how you work as a business. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

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September 2, 2021