5 Ways an Online Sales Management Software (CRM) Can Help You

Published on December 15, 2020
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An Online Sales Management Software is a system that you can use to manage your sales processes. The software allows you to perform all your sales tasks in just a few clicks.

Imagine all the things you do during a sales process: you gather leads from several different marketing channels, you persuade these leads to buy from you through sending emails, making phone calls, or even a one-on-one conversation with them.

Once they buy from you, they’re officially called your customers. The sales process doesn’t end there. These customers that just bought from you can open many rooms of opportunities for your business.

Customer experience dictates business success

They can refer your business to their friends, they can advertise your products or services through word of mouth communication, they can also buy from you again (repeat purchase). In fact, loyal customers have been observed to spend at least 33% more than new customers.

More than that, you also have to ensure that each customer goes through positive customer experience throughout the buyer’s journey. A negative experience can result in negative feedback which may discourage potential customers from buying from you.

A poor service could also result in customer churn out which means that your customers will no longer buy from you, and instead switch loyalty to your competitors. According to studies, around 66% of customers report to switch brands after a bad service experience.

This is the reason why using tools to ensure a positive customer experience is necessary. These tools will ensure that the business has a 360 view of his business and each customer is tracked and monitored while in the sales funnel. An online sales management software helps you do this.

Example of deals management in a CRM

5 Ways an Online Sales Management Software Helps You

These are 5 ways an online sales management software (CRM) can help you:

  1. Personalizes the Interaction for Every Customer

A CRM can help you personalize your interaction with every customer. Any data and  information you get from the system helps inform the sales team member in charge of the customer about the latter’s needs and preferences, and stage in the buyer’s journey.

Users can also craft “Buyer personas” from their database and categorize their customers according to this. Buyer persona is a term used to refer to “who” a company is selling its products and services for.

This term includes a customer’s location (which can be gathered using web analytics tools), age, income (if the customer discloses this information), or even their job titles (from social networking sites such as LinkedIn). You can even dig deeper by gaining insights on your customers’ goals, challenges, interests, and priorities.

Any member of the sales team who has access to the CRM database can then interact with the customer as if he has interacted with him before. The service that you will be giving then becomes direct and straightforward, eliminating repetitions along the way.

  • Helps You Implement a “People’s First” Approach

Companies have to use a people-first approach to survive, marketing technologies have to serve the “human experience,” says an expert.

A lot of companies, especially with their branding teams, spend more than 16% of their budget to upgrade their technology. However, around half of these companies believe that they still do not have the tools they need to out-compete the others.

It was also further added that most of these technologies for upgrades purchased by these companies do not give satisfaction, they do not help companies reach their targeted outcomes.

“Marketers need to ask what the purpose of the technology is – and it needs to be to serve the human experience,” said Subbu Iyer, CMO at Riverbed. “How can we do better evaluating technology? Think about it from a human context.”

The modern-day customers are tech-savvy. But more than that, they demand value, accountability, transparency, authenticity, and more importantly, personalization.

Iyer also used a number of studies, as references, to claim that emotions are the number one factor in determining customer loyalty. This is why it is extremely important to understand and respond to emotions, as users who come into contact with your brand can dramatically change outcomes.

  • Enhances the Sales Experience for Customers and Sales Team Members Alike

At the heart of every successful business is customer satisfaction. When a customer is happy with a company’s products and services, he will more likely purchase again in the future.

When sales representatives become better equipped with the knowledge to personalize their service with each customer, it results in an improved customer satisfaction, which helps a lot with customer retention and increased sales.

In short, online sales management software helps in improving customer experience as well as the sales reps’.

A study conducted by Temkin Group found out that companies that invest in CX can expect to earn an additional US$700 million within three years when they earn US$1 billion annually. Which is why, McDonald’s, for example, have started investing in digital platforms.

This way, they are able to create a better digital customer experience and use the data that their technology gained to create a competitive advantage.

  • Enhances Sales Processes Through Automation, Analytics, and Database Management Functions

Businesses can entrust most of the storage and analytics to their CRM systems. With Automation, users can leave the team to concentrate on other tasks, such as enhancing the quality of their interactions with other customers.

Big data is one of the keys to successfully scaling your business. It is where you can extract important insights on the way you work, the current trends in the market, and consumer behavior within your target audience.

In a business, it is important that you never stop learning. Every action contains valuable consequences and insights that one can grow from. However, sometimes they are not easily seen. A CRM can help extract the information you need from your activities by making connections between the processes, the activity generated, and the results.

Having a CRM is like hiring a personal assistant that is always on the go. You can rely on the technology to constantly provide support whenever and wherever you need it in your organisation.

When a CRM is properly implemented, it makes generating sales much easier. Your team is also more collaborative and the analytics you generate produce a lot more meaningful reports that you can extract data from.

  • Better Collaboration

Having a CRM is like hiring a personal assistant that is always on the go. You can rely on the technology to constantly provide support whenever and wherever you need it in your organisation.

Online sales management software also improves the communication process between team members. This is because a CRM stores all your data in one place. So it becomes a collaborative platform where everyone can see what is happening in the organisation.

As a result, you can rest assured that your current team members are consistently on the same page regarding the work and any new recruits can be brought up to speed immediately.

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