5 Ways Business Automation Benefit Sales Teams

Published on June 7, 2021
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Business automation is an emerging concept that is slowly transforming the way sales teams operate around the world. Find out how it does this in five ways.

Nurturing leads, prospects, and customers can be a time-consuming process.

But it doesn’t have to be. With business automation, companies can fast-track tasks such as:

Lead generation

Lead conversion

Building customer loyalty

Pipeline management

Sales promotion

But not many companies are familiar with this. Often, they get stuck with old, outdated methods that can be draining to the sales team— and not to mention, costly.

So what are the ways businesses can benefit from business automation? How can this transform sales teams in particular?  Read on to find out.

What are automated sales?

Sales automation is the process of planning and executing a strategy that encourages the increase in sales with the least amount of work possible. Tasks such as those mentioned above— lead generation, lead conversion, and etc. — are streamlined and automated using a software to maximize the productivity of the sales team.

As a result, the sales team won’t have to manually implement boring, repetitive tasks and can instead focus on those that are yet to be automated. This helps finish tasks earlier, allowing companies to achieve sales goals faster.

How do you do business automation?

The easiest way to automate sales tasks is through the use of software. Digital ecosystems and CRMs that can do sales automation often allow sales teams to plan certain workflows and let the software execute them. For example:

Capturing data from leads – Some CRMs can set up your website and landing pages to gather data from leads. For example, when a potential customer visits your website, they can be prompted to fill out a form in exchange for a lead magnet (a document, video, template, information that the website visitor might be interested in, etc.)

Your landing pages can be your lead generation machine

Scoring leads to determine who to prioritize – You can automate your software to score your leads for you. You can set up the rules that would allow the system to determine which leads have the most potential to progress into a closed sale.

Send targeted content to leads and customers – You can also automate your email marketing strategy and let your software send engaging content to new leads, prospects, and even to customers that have stayed with you for a long time.

Schedule calls and meetings – Make your software act like it’s your personal assistant. Some CRMs can remind you automatically of important calls, meetings, and appointments with prospects.

To do all these, of course you have to subscribe to a service of a CRM provider. Some can offer it for free, while other important features can only be availed of in premium.

Check out how you can improve your company workflows with digital ecosystems and CRMs
Benefits of Automation to Sales Teams

Here are five ways business automation benefit sales teams:

It helps them generate more leads and manage them well

More leads can be converted into customers

It reduces sales cycles

It empowers sales teams to be more mobile

It helps reduce employee turnover

It helps them generate more leads and manage them well

Gathering data from leads can be done without manual efforts using automation. All sales teams have to do is leave lead capturing to the software and focus on tasks that are yet to be automated. No more boring, repetitive tasks from now on.

More leads can be converted into customers

With efficiency and speed, more leads can be converted sooner into customers, securing them first before the competition gets them. With enough data, it’s also easier for the sales team to convince them to take the desired action— like making their first purchase.

It reduces sales cycles

With all the tools and data at the sales team’s disposal, sales cycles are drastically reduced as they now know who to focus first and what to do to fulfill the needs of the prospect.

It empowers sales teams to be more mobile

With the cloud-based centralized platform, sales teams can coordinate with each other no matter where they are, around the world— making them more mobile while not losing power and efficiency.

Empower your sales team to coordinate with each other using one centralized platform
It helps reduce employee turnover

Happier employees are more productive and fulfilled, which means less chances of them leaving your company so you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on training for nothing. Remember, it’s much cheaper to retain an employee than to hire new ones.

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