Top Channels to Find Leads Who Are Looking for Products

Published on September 17, 2022
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Knowing where to find the right leads is a step to lead generation success. Find out the top online channels to focus on.

Many of us are familiar with the process of finding products online. Some of us may have found products while scrolling through Facebook or Instagram— via paid advertising or organic search. And some may have even made purchases through these channels.

How do customers usually behave when using online channels? How should marketers respond to these behaviors? Read on to find out what top channels to focus on when finding leads who are looking for products.

What Online Channels Customers Use to Learn About Products

Customers use a wide variety of channels to learn about brands and products. Below are the most popular online channels they use:

1.   Search Engines

According to Hubspot, around 36% of consumers surveyed prefer to learn about products by searching about them on the internet. This is the top method used by consumers. Search engines provide a list based on keywords typed in by the user.

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2.   Online Reviews

The second on the list of online channels customers use are platforms that allow for online reviews. Around 20% of consumers surveyed access online reviews to learn about products. There are platforms that have dedicated sections for this like Amazon or eBay, even social media platforms allow some form of reviews on brand pages.

3.   Social Media

Social media comes in close at 17%. Many social media users look for products on social media platforms or may come across them organically or through paid advertising.

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4.   Advertisements

Online advertisements are also a way to learn about products. YouTube ads, for example, are useful in establishing brand awareness (or awareness about a featured product). And 13% of consumers surveyed prefer this method of learning about a product.

5.   Videos Featuring or Explaining the Product

Many consumers prefer first-hand experiences (of trusted people like influencers) about products. Some consumers (9%) prefer to learn about products when it comes from a person’s experience (through unboxing or reviewing the product’s features).

But Online Behavior Depends on Consumer’s Generation

It should be noted that preferences largely depend on the consumer’s generation. Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers differ in their online habits. For example, Gen Zs prefer social media, and videos of unboxing over other generations. More Boomers prefer searching over the internet compared to other generations.

It’s important for marketers to understand how generation plays a role in marketing and what to do about this information to improve your business service.

Catch the Leads at the Right Places

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