Why You Need an After Sales CRM

Published on December 7, 2020
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3 min read

Having good and proper customer service does not end after closing sales. You need to consider a lot of things beyond that point to enhance your customer experience. One of which is After Sales Service. After-sales service refers to the things that your team does to make sure the customers are satisfied with the products or services they received after they bought it.

It aims to ensure that their expectations were met. Doing this potentially increases your customer loyalty because according to a recent study, 69% of consumers shop more with businesses that offer consistent customer service. This means that consistent customer follow-ups are crucial in your day to day processes.

And to help you be more engaged with your customers, CRM systems were made. This modern business solution is made for the sole purpose of helping you be connected to your customers. So, to better understand its importance in your after-sales service execution, here are the reasons why you need an after-sales CRM.

Helps build client relationships

Increases customer loyalty

Enables third-party integration

Helps Build Client Relationships

From the name itself, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you build customer relationships. It does that by recording all the client’s contact information – including queries, phone calls, and feedback – through customer interactions and stores them in its own centralized platform. The recorded data can then be accessed anytime and anywhere in real-time.

This means that CRM solutions provide you the means to create better contact management that can help increase customer satisfaction. And with the increase in customer satisfaction, you will then improve your customer relationships.

The best thing about this feature is that it can be applied to both existing and potential customers. This is highly beneficial especially for small businesses that have a limited number of employees and resources to implement proper customer service and after-sales services.

This will help lower the cost of hiring more employees and at the same time, it will enable your team to focus more on your customers while letting the system handle all the other tasks.

Increases Customer Loyalty

We know that customer loyalty is difficult to increase without the help of any modern tools. But now that your business has the capabilities to build a long-lasting client relationship with the help of CRM tools, increasing customer loyalty will be a piece of cake.

CRM does a wonderful job of handling both your sales process and marketing campaigns. Meaning, it automates your sales and marketing so that your marketing and sales team can focus more on your customers. It empowers your team and enables them to execute genuine service towards your customers while letting the system do all the other tasks. This way, customers will feel that they are being valued as much as you value sales.

With this, CRM provides ways to enable your customers to go back to your business. It encourages them to become loyal to you because of your capability to immediately respond and care for your customers. This way, your customers will be satisfied with your service and thus your customer loyalty rate will increase.

A recent statistic states that there are 47% of CRM users believed that the system made a significant impact in increasing customer satisfaction. And a separate study states that CRM improves customer retention rate by 27%.

With these facts and evidence, applying CRM in your business will allow you to develop important customer relationships and increases your customer loyalty and retention rate.

Enables Third-Party Integration

We have been telling you over and over again that a CRM system can easily connect your business to the world. And to address the question as to how can a single system do that, well CRM does that by integrating multiple and different platforms in its own system. This integration feature of a CRM enables connectivity between your system and third-party applications.

Although CRM systems are already powerful on their own, this integration results in automated actions that further expands the functionality of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This gives you and your team the benefit of eliminating the need to go back and forth between different software.

Systems like Saphyte allows you to integrate a lot of different and necessary 3rd party platforms for your business. With Saphyte, you can integrate your social media platforms so that you can easily connect to your social media customers. Aside from that, this integration also allows you to seamlessly execute and monitor your social media campaigns directly from your CRM.

It also allows you to integrate your different email accounts for easier access and management by only using your CRM mailbox. By integrating your email accounts into the system, you can easily log all of your emails, send a single email to thousands of recipients, have the access to high-quality email templates, and many more.

With this, CRMs like Saphyte gives you the capacity to reach your customers no matter what platform they are in. It also enables you to have the ability to execute better contact management throughout all of your platforms. So, whether it is from your social media channels, own website, email accounts, handling your customers will become easier with the help of CRM.

Why Saphyte is the Best Fit for Your After-Sales CRM Needs

Yes, there may be a lot of other CRM providers that offer features and functionalities that may resolve your after-sales needs. But compared to them, what makes Saphyte the better choice?

First and foremost, Saphyte has everything that you need to manage – not just your after-sales needs – but all of your different business processes. It is a compact and all-rounder CRM equipped with powerful tools that can easily bring your business to a whole new level. And mind you, these tools can be yours at an impressively affordable price.

It empowers your teams to do their tasks with the highest effectiveness and allows them to become productive no matter where they are. The system also does an impressive job of providing you the tools to further expand your reach.

So, whether you have a growing business, small-scale, or an established one that needs a reliable business solution, Saphyte is the best fit for all of your needs. It can do all the things that we have discussed earlier. It also has all the right tools that enable your business to become competitive in the market.

With Saphyte, the essence of implementing proper after-sales services, genuine customer service execution, and as well as managing your business is easily fulfilled. And you don’t need to worry because, throughout the years, Saphyte has built a reputation for helping businesses from different sectors achieve growth and success.

So, to address all of your after-sales needs, make Saphyte your official CRM partner today. Our team is always available to help you achieve success. Contact us now and have the most powerful and affordable CRM in the market in your hands.

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