Published on December 30, 2020
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Growth is essential for all businesses.

If you’re not growing, then you’re either losing out on business or your competitors are way ahead of you. Growth does not only tell of a company’s success in business, it’s also the key for long-term survival. In order to stay in the game, your company needs to grow.

There are plenty of challenges businesses face and sadly, most businesses don’t make it out of these challenges. According to research, about 50% of new businesses survive five years and nearly one in twelve businesses close each year. That is why keeping up and growing your business is necessary to stay alive in the industry.

The year is about to end, but your growth shouldn’t. So, as you prepare for the year ahead, here are some B2B growth tips for 2021 that might be useful for you:

Transform into the Digital Space

The world is currently experiencing a digital revolution due to the global pandemic. New technologies are emerging daily and businesses all across the country are adapting to this digital revolution. As you look at the rising pace of digital transformation, you simply can’t afford to be left out.

The digital world has quite a few technologies to help your business with efficiency and productivity, and its other operations. Many B2B companies are now using cloud-based tools and SaaS powered systems to effortlessly carry out some of their business operations.

To establish growth for your business in 2021, you have to be open to the idea of adopting internet-based technology. However, just make sure that these tools fit well with your business model and processes.

Invest in Digital Security

Digital security is one of the most essential investments that businesses should focus on after this year. According to a study, cyberattacks cause 60% of businesses to go out of business and only 57% of B2B companies are digitally secured.

You wouldn’t want cyberattacks to happen to your business, right? So, it is vital that at the earliest convenience, you invest in a platform that can guarantee security and protection of your data and customer information. Here are some ways you can improve your digital security in 2020:

Have a GDPR-ready CRM software

Make sure that your website has an HTTPS certificate

Invest in Analytical and Data-driven Decision Making Processes

Data is going to be the key-player for B2B businesses for 2021. Data allows for analytical and data-driven business decision-making.

When you decide based on assumptions and instincts, it can be risky — especially when your competition is gaining momentum by using data to make smart business decisions.

So as the year ends, so should your old-business-decision-making ways. Instead of making hasty decisions based on unfounded ideas, get a system or a platform that can gather, track, update, and report solid data to you — so you can make smarter decisions right away. Remember: haste makes waste.

Unparalleled customer service with a personalized experience

Did you know that 69% of buyers are eager to pay more for personalized experience? Personalization has become an important aspect for businesses for 2020. Not only does it give businesses a chance to connect with their customers at a deeper level, but it also makes your customers feel like they are important individualsrather than just ordinary buyers.

That is why, as the year 2021 starts, B2B businesses should reengineer their customer service and customer experience processes. Personalize, empathize, and pay more attention to your customer— it’ll go a long way for your growth and survival over the next few years.

Sales and marketing alignment

According to studies, aligning your sales and marketing teams can help you generate 32% higher revenue, retain 36% of your customers, and achieve a 38% higher win rate. When you align your sales and marketing teams, it will help you convert more leads and generate more high-quality ones, too.

Your sales and marketing teams are not two different departments. Putting them in different silos can hinder growth for your business. As the year is fast approaching, you need to make some changes within these departments, as necessary.

Start your business year right with the perfect tool

Finding a tool that can help you execute these tips seamlessly can be tough. But you can start with Saphyte.

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM that helps B2B businesses and organizations streamline their corporate activities and integrate them into a single platform. It is built with sales and marketing tools to help you improve your business’s productivity and efficiency.

Saphyte is a tool that can help you manage your customer data, conduct marketing tactics and strategies, identify opportunities for the long haul, achieve growth, and foster long-term customer relationships.

Start your 2021 right with the perfect CRM tool for B2B businesses. Start with Saphyte by booking a free demo or signing up for our free trial period today.

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