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Published on February 16, 2020
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Technology has now become more advanced than ever. What used to be invented for communication has now become a powerful tool for marketing – to grow businesses and inform people of products and services to make their lives better.

One of the recent developments related to email is the creation of email tracking tools and software. Email tracking allows you to close deals faster than before by knowing when your leads opened your email, sending an appropriate follow-up email, and perfectly timing your responses.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s break down this for you and see how email tracking can help you and your business.

Guide Points:

  1. What is email tracking?
  2. How does email tracking work?
  3. How can email tracking help your business?
  4. How Saphyte can help your business

What is email tracking?

Email tracking (by the words themselves) is the process of tracking the email you have sent and creating a strategy out of the data you have gathered from monitoring the sent email. 

Email tracking is made easier these days with tools that can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. They can also give real-time updates of how many emails you have sent were opened, when were they opened, where were they opened, and were the links and attachments that went with the email clicked and opened. 

How does email tracking work?

Most email tracking software embeds a transparent pixel in the email when sent and when that pixel is loaded, the presumption is the email was opened. Email tracking tools and software then calculate the data they have gathered and interpreted them for you. They show you open rates (how many of the total emails you have sent were opened), click rates (how many of the links or attachments you have sent have been clicked), and some even show conversion rates (how many of the emails you have sent actually led to sales conversion).

How can email tracking help your business?

Not only does email tracking help you have a 360-degree view over your marketing campaigns,  but it also helps you save time. When you are able to assess if the first email you have sent was interesting for the recipient enough, it helps you evaluate whether you should keep on pursuing the lead. Knowing when and where to focus not only saves you energy, it also saves you time and money.

Email tracking also provides meaningful insights into your email recipients which allows you to personalize your interaction with them and grow your relationship. For example, if one of the recipients has been shown to open your emails multiple times a day, you can send a follow-up email that can meaningfully engage with this recipient and convert him or her into a paying customer.

Some email tracking software can show a recipient’s professional information, their company details, your previous interaction with them, and other information they have publicized that you can use to make your engagement with them more personalized.

How Saphyte can help your business

Saphyte has multiple features that can help your business. This includes Lead and Client Management, Sales Management, Marketing Management (where your email tracking tool will be in), and Integration services.

1. Lead and Client Management

Saphyte’s Lead and Client Management feature boasts an array of functions and options for users to optimize their processes involved in getting leads and clients. 

This includes Lead Scoring, Automated Workflow Process, Task Management, Documentation, Email Tracking, Categorization, Status & Updates, Meetings, Calls & Reminder System, and Reporting.

Advanced Workflows, for example, allows you to set up, automate, and run the basic and repetitive processes usually involved in your business. This intelligent feature cuts downtime, energy, and resources consumed by your efficiency. This will not only reduce costs but will also give your team more space to do more important things.

Saphyte’s Advanced Form Builders create powerful forms for your website. These forms can be customized to gather the relevant data and information that you wish to collect from your target customers. Any smart business would formulate its strategy based on these collected data.

The Request and Ticket System allows your clients to connect with you, contact your support team, and raise a ticket. Your team can then change the status of the ticket (into Open, In Progress, and Closed) accordingly. This allows you to accurately monitor the incoming tickets from your customers, therefore providing superb quality service all the time.

2. Sales Management

The Sales Management feature allows you to take charge of your sales processes and gives you real-time updates on your sales pipeline. This feature is carefully designed to enhance and optimize the most important part of your business–– your sales. Sales are the lifeblood of your business. Without it, businesses will have no money to run their operations and produce products and render services.

This feature has three major functions: Sales Pipeline, Deals Management, and Sales Forecasting.

Sales Pipeline lets you track every sales opportunity at every stage of the sales pipeline. Real-time monitoring of what’s going on in your sales pipeline allows you to successfully close deals, make sales, and grow your business. This is designed to keep everyone in your company in the loop.

The Deals Management feature empowers you to identify the right deals and channel all your energy and resources to the right clients. Sales Forecasting automatically calculates your sales forecast and what’s in store for your business in the future.

3. Marketing Management

Saphyte’s Marketing Management feature is designed to enable you to effectively engage your new, potential, and existing customers. It is built with functions that allow you to reach out to your customers in multiple channels and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

This feature has three major functions: Email Marketing, Campaigns Management, and Landing Pages.

The Email Marketing function allows you to send emails, schedule the sending of emails, track which customer opened an email, and a whole lot of other functions to enhance your relationship with your customers through the power of email. This helps increase your lead converts.

Campaigns Management is designed to give you a 360-degree view of your campaigns. It recognizes the importance of channeling your brand effectively to your target audience.

Landing Pages enable you to effectively promote your brand. It is equipped with tools that allow you to customize and design the landing page based on your target viewer’s preference.

4. Integration

Your CRM solution should empower you and your clients to perform business transactions that you once thought were impossible to do. With this in mind, Saphyte allows integration of Payment Service Providers (PSP), Google Calendar and iCalendar, and your email account so you can send emails through your CRM right away.


When paired with the right email marketing plan, email tracking can fast-track your sales process and convert your email recipients into paying customers right away. Email tracking keeps your potential and existing customers engaged––new products, promotional activities, and other things from your business to encourage purchase behavior.
Know when and how to engage your leads with email trackers. Enjoy this advanced technology for free with Saphyte and see how this will help boost your sales in just a few months.

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