5 Easy Steps to Create an Email Newsletter

Published on March 21, 2023
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2 min read

What is an email newsletter? How does it benefit businesses? And how can you start building a newsletter subscription? Read on to find out.

There’s a reason why 81% of B2B marketers use email newsletters the most for content marketing. It’s one of the best ways out there to establish an instant connection with your target customers, establish long-term relationships by providing value, and drive sales by encouraging them to make a purchase. 

But if you don’t know how to get started, then this guide is for you. Here, we’ll explain how you can create an email newsletter in five easy steps:

1. Have an email newsletter tool ready

When creating a newsletter, we highly recommend having an email newsletter tool as this makes the job a lot easier.

Saphyte, for example, lets you automate tasks such as the gathering of contact details such as email addresses through your landing pages, or scoring leads depending on the conditions that you’ve set. 

Learn more about email marketing here.

2. Identify your business goal(s)

The next important step is to identify your business goal and how the newsletter fits that goal. 

Many companies launch a newsletter strategy to achieve the following goals:

  • Drive more traffic to the blog
  • Generate leads
  • Drive more traffic to the website
  • Promote new products and services

It’s also important to have KPIs and metrics ready to assess your performance. But make sure these metrics can meaningfully assess the impact of your newsletter efforts. For example, open rates do not necessarily mean you are already generating leads. Some metrics can better assess that like clickthrough rates or conversion rates.

3. Prepare your design and content

Next, using your chosen newsletter tool, select a template for your email newsletter. Then add in your chosen content.

Make sure your content is intentional, responsive to customer needs and preferences, and timely. These criteria increase the chance that your target customer will open and click on your email. 

You can also allow your target audience to only subscribe to certain themes or topics to limit the type of content they will receive.

4. Hit send

The next thing to do is to send your email, monitor your performance, and make decisions based on the results. Don’t forget to test your email first on how they’re going to appear on different browsers and different devices before sending.

5. Assess and Evaluate

The last thing to do when having a newsletter is to assess and evaluate its impact and effectiveness. Identify how it contributes to your brand and determine what needs to be done to improve its performance.

Having a tool that prepares the analytics for you would be extremely helpful so that all your sales and marketing will have to do is focus on more important tasks such as interpreting the results and making strategic business decisions based on them.

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April 21, 2023