Attributes Configuration

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Further control your roles by configuring the access to the different attributes inside the system. This can be set by navigating to Admin > Team > Access Control > Attributes Configuration

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1. Create a setting by clicking on the ‘Createbutton

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2. Name the configuration and add description (optional). It is mandatory to associate this configuration with a role as this provides a more granular control of what your users can view, update, or delete in a role. By default, this configuration is set active.

saphyte access control

3. On the Profile Data section, you can select the access you want to apply on the fields related to a Contact’s basic information or you can apply it to the Custom Fields as well.

The following roles are configurable:

  1. Read/Update
  2. Read Only
  3. No Access

Note: Since the access you will configure on the Attributes Configuration is more granular, this will override the role it is associated with.

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Contact Information
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Custom Fields