Add Documents to Deals

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You can upload any related documents to your deals.

1. Go to the ‘Sales’ tab and click on ‘Deals‘.

saphyte deals management

2. Click on the specific deal you want to add documents to. You can also use the ‘Search’ box and the filter for an easier search of your deals.

saphyte deals list
Select the deal.

3. Under the ‘Documents’ tab, click on ‘New Document‘ to upload a file. When there are already existing documents uploaded and you want to add more files, click on ‘+Add instead.

saphyte deals documentation
When you will add a document to a deal for the first time
saphyte add documents deals
Add additional documents

4. Choose the file you want to upload. Add a file name on the ‘File Title’ and you can add a description of the file on the ‘Description’ field.

saphyte deals document information

5. Once done, click ‘Save’ to upload the attached file.