Quote Settings

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The Quote Settings is where you can add customization to your quotes by configuring other components such as currency, adding extra fields, and calculation such as tax, discounts, and fees.


Add Quote Title Name

On the ‘Quote Title Name‘ field, you can add the name of your quote. By default, it is labeled as ‘QUOTE’.

quote setting

Set Currency

By default, the predefined currency will be what you have set in your business settings. However, you can still change the currency for any specific invoice by choosing from the ‘Currency‘ selection.

quote currency setting

Extra Field

You can add a custom field to your quote using the extra field. This allows you to add a label name and a value to the input. This will be visible on the header.

You can choose to position this extra field on three different sections:

  1. Under Code Number
  2. Under From
  3. Under Bill To
quote extra field
quote - under code number
Under Code Number
quote - under from
Under From
under bill to

Tax, Discount & Fees

You can configure your quote settings for tax, discount, and fees, and this will be applied to the quote total calculation.

tax, discount & fees

Rename the label of Discount/Tax/Fee

Saphyte provides flexibility when it comes to customizing the labels of the Tax, Discount, Fees as per your terminology, for example, tax in UAE is known as ‘VAT’, meanwhile, in Mexico, it is termed as ‘IVA’.

rename the label of Discount/tax/fees.

Not Included/Included

Not Included The discount, tax, or fee applies exclusively to the total amount
Included The discount, tax, or fee applies inclusively to the total amount

Global/Individual Configuration

Global The calculation applies to the total amount
Individual The calculation applies to each item line

Percentage/Fixed Amount

You can set values to your tax, discount, and fees and apply them as a percentage or fixed amount.

percentage/ fix amount option