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The Form Settings only apply to Dynamic Subscription list.

Once you have created your dynamic subscription list, you can configure its form settings that allows you to personalize how your marketing subscription form will be presented to your contacts.

For the contacts to subscribe, we must show a checkbox that they can tick to agree to be subscribed to that specific marketing subscription.


Configure Form Settings

1. Navigate to Marketing > Marketing Lists > Form Settings

saphyte marketing form settings

2. Click on ‘Create

saphyte marketing create new form setting
Add the name (mandatory) of the form setting and its description (optional). By default, the form setting is active. You can toggle the active button to change its active status.
saphyte add checkbox to form settings
Click the ‘Add checkbox’ to personalize the display text for each subscription list.

3. Once done, click on ‘Save Subscription List


How to add subscription lists in web forms

Provide your website visitors or email recipients with a way to subscribe to your marketing emails using Saphyte’s web forms.

1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration: Form Builder

saphyte form builder menu

2. Create a web form by clicking on the ‘Create button. You can either create from scratch or from a template.

saphyte create new form
saphyte create form from template
From Template

3. Add all the fields you want to capture in a newsletter subscription. In this example, we want to create a newsletter form. To provide the option for the users to select which subscription list they want to subscribe, drag the form element ‘Subscription Lists

saphyte subscription list form element

4. Add a title to the field and select the form setting you have created from the drop-down menu.

saphyte form setting checkboxes
This is how the checkboxes look like.

5. Save the form and share it as a link or embed it on your website.

saphyte embed form share link
Embed code
saphyte marketing share form link
Share it as a link
saphyte share form link
Add your form link into your emails such as the below example. The link was hyperlinked with the form link as exampled above.
saphyte sample form link
This is how the link looks like when a recipient clicks on the link to update email preferences. You can change the theme of your form from the templates library.

To be able to automatically store the subscription details into the contacts database every time a user submits a form, you must create a workflow.

saphyte workflow
Submit a form > Create a contact and store the email address information inside the system