Handle Score in Forms

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Saphyte provides you the option to set the desired score value to your list of options. This helps score your leads based on the answer that they have selected.

You can only enable the ‘Handle Score’ when you select ‘List of Options‘ element in the Form Builder. This option is not available in the Custom Fields.

Follow the below steps to add handle scoring into your forms:

1. Create a form

2. Select ‘List of Options’ from the form elements.

saphyte form elements

3. Drag and drop the ‘List of Options’ element to the form builder space.

saphyte list of options form

4. Hover on the element and click on the ‘Properties’ icon to edit the form element.

saphyte form properties

5. Activate the ‘Handle Score‘ option to show the scoring field.

saphyte handle score list of options

6.Click on ‘SAVEsave to apply changes.

7. To test the scoring, select the form created and click on the ‘Submit‘.

saphyte test a form

8. Fill out the form and then click ‘Submit’.

saphyte form preview

9. To view the scores, go to the ‘FORMS’ tab on the main navigation bar.

saphyte form submissions tab

10. Check the form submission. You can find the score beside the ‘List of Option’ field.

saphyte forms submissions list