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Now that you have your marketing lists, you can then segment your contacts into a more refined list called Audience List.

For email marketing purposes, you can segment a group of people that have agreed or subscribed to your marketing list to receive emails, and target them for a specific campaign such as “Exclusive offers for Frontliners”, or “Special offer for Automotive Clients”.

It is important to note that a Subscription list should be created prior to creating an Audience list.


Create an Audience List

1. On the main navigation menu, go to the Marketing tab. Click on Marketing Lists and choose ‘Audience‘.

saphyte subscription audience list

2. Click on the ‘Create button.

saphyte marketing create audience list

 3. A pop-up drawer will appear. Fill the required information.

saphyte marketing create new audience list fill out the general information
Name your Audience list and associate it with a Subscription list. In this example, we would like to target UAE Residents who were subscribed to the Marketing Newsletter subscription list.
saphyte marketing add conditions to audience list
Add the conditions to further segment the Audience list. To follow the previous example, we added the condition of the Country equals to United Arab Emirates. The system will then identify the number of contacts that you have that qualified with your set condition.

4. Click ‘Next to view the contacts that qualified your set condition.

saphyte marketing audience list

4. Click on ‘Save Audience List to save.


Update Audience List

1. To modify the details of your Audience List, select the Audience list you want to update. For easier search, you can use the ‘Search’ box. Click on the ‘pencil‘ icon to make changes.

saphyte update audience list
saphyte edit icon

2. Apply the changes to your audience list.

saphyte marketing edit audience list

3. Click on ‘Save Audience List to apply the changes.


Delete Audience List

1. To delete the an Audience List, select from the list and click on the ‘bin‘ icon. For easier search, you can use the ‘Search’ box.

saphyte marketing delete audience list

2. A pop-up box will appear to confirm deletion. Click ‘OK’ to continue.

saphyte marketing delete audience list confirmation