Menu Customization

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The Menu Customization functionality allows you to rename your working tabs according to your own terminologies. This functionality fosters adaptation to your business process and allows you to personalize your usage of the system.

To rename the label :

1 Go to ‘Admin’.

2. Under the ‘System’ menu, click on ‘System Settings’.

3. Click on ‘Menu Customization’.

4. The list of all the tabs that you can rename is displayed. Original labels are the pre-defined terminology in the system.

5. Renaming the label requires the user to specify the Singular and Plural forms of the new name. This is a mandatory field. Once the name has been changed, click on the ‘Save’ button.

6 . A pop-up message will appear if you would like to continue. Click ‘Ok’ to apply the changes.

7. To restore to its original label/terminology, click on ‘Restore Defaults’ and to apply the changes.