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Configure Custom Fields

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Custom fields can be set up to make it appear on different entities like

  • User
  • Vendor
  • Role
  • Lead
  • Customer
  • Prospect
  • Deals

There are many options that will appear when you are setting up your custom field in any of your entities.

  • Enable on an entity – This allows you to enable or disable a specific custom field in any of the entities
  • Required – This allows you to make a custom field a required field
  • Searchable – This allows you to filter your data using the custom fields that you have enabled
  • View Type – this depends on the type of form field that you will use. This usually appears when you choose your form field as a list of options. It will prompt you to display your list of options as a checkbox, radio button, select list, or multiple select (can select one or more choices at a time).
  • Multiple Items – you can add multiple items of an existing custom field. For example, if you require 5 email addresses, you can click on the ‘+’ button
  • Min/Max Items/Date – you can set a limit on the number of items or set a range for the date fields