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Create Custom Field

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Creating a custom field is like building a form.


1. Go to the Admin panel.

2. Under the Configuration settings, click ‘Custom Fields’


3. Click the ‘Create’ button.

4. Fill out all the required fields such as the Name of the custom field, its description, and type.

5. You can modify the type of custom field according to the type of information you want to capture. For example, if you want to capture data, then choose the date variable so that the field will follow the format of a date. If you want to capture an email, do not use the text field; instead, use the email field so that the system can validate the email address. To learn more about the use of each form variable, click here.


6. You can also restrict the visibility of these custom fields. You can allow only specific vendors or departments to view the custom field you have created. Any vendors or departments that are not specified will not be able to view this custom field.


7. Once done, click on the ‘Save Custom Field’ button.