Bulk Action Buttons

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Efficiently make changes to your contacts using the Bulk Action buttons. These action buttons allow you to change the assignation of your contacts, leads, prospects, or customers in bulk. It also enables you to contact or delete multiple contacts, or event convert them into another entity.

saphyte bulk action buttons

Bulk Action

saphyte bulk action buttons

The Bulk Action button allows you to mass convert or edit your contacts.

You can mass convert your contacts into one of your entities.
saphyte bulk edit contacts
The Bulk Edit allows you to mass edit the assignation of your contacts.

The Bulk Edit allows you to overwrite or add the new assignation. Overwrite means replacing the previous data and Add means supplementing data to the existing data.


Bulk Email

The Send Email button allows you to send bulk emails to your contacts. All you have to do is tick the boxes of the contacts you want to email and then press the Send Email button. A pop up window will allow you to draft you email.

saphyte bulk send email

Bulk Delete

Mass delete contacts by ticking the boxes for multiple selection and pressing the delete button. All deleted contacts will be stored in the recycle bin.

saphyte bulk delete