Add Notes to Companies

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Where can I see the notes about the companies?

1. To see the notes related to a company, go to the ‘Companies’ section.

saphyte companies tab

2. Choose the Company name from the Companies list that you want to delete. You can use the filter for an easier search.

saphyte search box

3. Click on the ‘Notes’ tab. Under the ‘Notes’ tab, you will see the notes related to the Company.

saphyte notes tab

4. You can add a new note by clicking on the ‘+NEW NOTE’ tab.

saphyte new notes

5. Fill in Notes details such as ‘Title’ and your Notes ‘Content’

saphyte notes content

6. You can set the format of your content with the use of the ‘formatting toolbar’.

Bold (B) Make your text bold.
Italics (I) Italicize your text
Bullets Create a bulleted list.
Numbering Create a numbered list.
saphyte formatting toolbar

7. You can select a color among the options like that of a sticky note.

saphyte notes color

8. Once done, click on the ‘SAVE’ button. Select the ‘X’ to cancel.

saphyte save notes