Scheduled Emails

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Automate sending your emails on a schedule. This workflow is useful when you want to send a newsletter or a promotion to your targeted list at a specific time.

To automate email schedule sending:

1. Drag the Schedule node as the initiator of your workflow. Double-click the Schedule node to set the timing on when you will send your email.

saphyte schedule emails

2. Set the exact time and date. You can choose to send the email at a specific time or by minute or hour interval. You can also choose to send it on different days of the week or on the exact days of the month.

saphyte properties of schedule

3. Connect the ‘Send Email’ node to the Schedule node. The workflow will identify that sending an email is triggered based on the timing that was set on the Schedule node.

saphyte send email node

4. Double-click the ‘Send Email’ node to set up the properties of your email.

saphyte select email sender
Choose your email sender.
saphyte email types
Select the email type. Transactional email type is the commonly used email type.

Transactional – Emails to be sent to your contacts database
Internal – Emails to be sent to your internal users or vendors
Marketing – This is used for drip email marketing analytics

saphyte internal email type
Written – manually input the email address
Email type: Internal
saphyte internal email type
User – choose from the registered users in the system as your email recipients
Email type: Internal
saphyte transactional email
Selection – choose from your contacts based on their category or condition
Email type: Transactional
saphyte compose email content
Compose your email and click ‘Save’

5. Add the name of your workflow and enable it to ‘Active’. Once done, click the ‘Save’ icon.

saphyte workflow name