Create Contact in Mobile App

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1. There are two ways to create a contact in the mobile app:

The first one is via homepage by clicking on the circled ‘+‘ icon and selecting ‘Create Contact

saphyte mobile app homepage
saphyte mobile app create contact

The second one is via the ‘Contacts‘ tab and by clicking the ‘+‘ icon

saphyte mobile app contacts create contact

2. Select the type of record you want to create (Contact/Lead/Prospect/Customer/Company)

saphyte mobile app create lead information
Fill out all the fields.

3. Click on the ‘Save icon on the upper right corner to create the record.

4. You will receive a confirmation that the contact has been created successfully. Select ‘Continue to List‘ to display all the contacts on the list, or select ‘Go to Lead‘ to redirect to the lead profile.

saphyte mobile app contact created successfully