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Limited Role

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What is a limited role?

Setting the limited role means restricting users to read, update, or delete ONLY their own entry. You can choose to set one of the functions of reading, updating, and deleting or set them all together to the Limited role.


Limited Role Functions

Limited Read OnlyIf you have set the limited role only to the Read function, the user will only be able to view anything that the user has created. This limits the visibility of other users to read your entries.
Limited Update OnlyWhen only the Update function is set to Limited, the user will only be able to update any entries that he or she has created. This role restricts other users from updating your entry. However, others can view your entry or delete it if their Read and Delete role is not set to Limited.
Limited Delete OnlyEnabling the Limited role to the Delete only function will not allow anyone to delete your entries except you. However, other users can still view and update your entry if their Read and Update functions are not set to Limited.

Please take note of the following rules:

  • The Superadmin Role overrides the Limited Role.
  • The Limited Role is more effective when you apply it in a specific team (i.e. when you don’t want your Sales Team to view each other’s deals)
  • Limited roles can be enabled on the Read, Update, and Delete functions only.