What is a ‘workflow’?

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Remove the repetitive and manual tasks from your process by automating them using the ‘Workflows‘ functionality. Teach the system what to automate by triggering certain actions based on conditions that you set.

With Saphyte, building your workflow is not that complicated. You can build your workflow and at the same time visualize it by dragging, dropping, and connecting workflow nodes.

There are many processes that you can automate using Saphyte and some of them we listed below:

  1. Onboarding Process
  2. KYC Procedure
  3. Drip Email Marketing – we can send emails in sequences and scheduling
  4. Schedule Newsletters and other marketing emails
  5. Newsletter Subscription (subscribe/unsubscribe)
  6. Auto Reminder (Payment, Docs) – user(s) will be reminded when it’s due to collect payments or when documents are expiring
  7. Client Survey/Feedback
  8. Automate capture of online/web forms such as Contact Us form and store the information in the CRM
  9. Auto-assign, Leads, Prospects, Customers to managers in different distribution types (such as Round Robin, Random, etc)
  10. Auto-email response / Auto-alerts
  11. Blacklist or Whitelist Countries
  12. Create users – activate or deactivate users
  13. Categorize Leads/Prospects/Customers
  14. Convert leads into prospects and customers
  15. Generate a PDF of the form response
  16. Verify emails
  17. Notifications/Reminders
  18. Auto-assign to Departments
  19. Auto-assign to Partners/Affiliates/Suppliers/Vendors
  20. Auto-assign leads to managers depending on languages
  21. Automatically create Company Profiles
  22. Identifies Lead Source
  23. Trigger automation based on Lead Scoring
  24. Identify duplicates
  25. Trigger automation based on Custom Field