Add/Update Payment Details

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How to add your payment details?


To add a payment method, go to the Billing section under the ‘System‘ menu from the Admin panel.

billing section

Update your payment details on the Billing section by clicking the ‘Payment Information’ tab.

To add a payment method, click on ‘Add Payment Details‘ in the Card Information section.

saphyte add payment method
Add payment method

The system will verify your credit card and its validity by charging $1 on this transaction. Once the card is confirmed valid, the $1 will be refunded back to your card. If you agree to this term, click ‘Continue

update payment details

You will be asked to enter your payment details. Enter all the information required. Click ‘Add‘ to update your payment details.

Saphyte Billing update payment details

Note: You can add multiple card details and set a payment method as default. If you have added only one payment method, automatically this will be the default payment method and you will not be able to delete it unless you have added another payment method.

Once you have successfully added your payment details, it will appear under the payment methods. To make any changes on the payment method added, click on ‘Edit‘.

saphyte update payment method