Associate Customers with a Company

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To associate your customers with a company, the company profile should exist. (Click here for the tutorial on how to create a company profile.)

1. Go to the ‘Customers’ tab and search for your client.

saphyte customers tab

2. Choose the Customer profile under the Customers List. For easier search, you can use the ‘Search’ box. Enter either the code, name, phone number or email address to pull up the customer data, or just select the customer profile from the customers list.

saphyte search box

3. Click on ‘Edit’ and go to the ‘Company Information’ section. Choose the company you want to associate with this lead by clicking the ‘Company’ field. You can add the job title and role of this specific contact in that company (if they are a Decision Maker or Person of Contact).

saphyte edit company
saphyte company information

You can associate multiple companies with a customer by clicking on the ‘+’ button.

saphyte add company

4. You can also easily associate a new company profile to your lead by simply clicking on the ‘CREATE NEW’ button. Fill in all the company details and click on ‘CREATE’.

saphyte create new
saphyte company information

5. Once done, click on to save the details.