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View Tasks

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There are many ways to view or check the tasks that you have created.


Via Tasks Dashboard

You can check the dashboard for the tasks for today, upcoming, next week, or all. Just go the MyDiary tab and you will see the Tasks Dashboard straight away.


Via Calendar

You can see the calendar beside the Tasks Dashboard under the MyDiary tab.


The grayed-out numbers represent the count of tasks assigned in the past on a specific date. The orange numbers represent the count of present or current tasks on today’s date. The blue numbers represent the count of tasks on a future date.


Via the Client’s List

When you check your client list, you would easily identify if a task is assigned to your client through the icons that are displayed under your client’s name.

You can go to your Client’s Profile under the Leads, Prospects, or Customers tab.


The following icons represent a specific task:

schedule a call Scheduled Calls
meeting Meetings
reminder Reminders

These icons are located in the name section of your client.


When you click on the name of your client, you will right away see all their information. Under the ‘Appointments’ tab, you can see all the tasks breakdown for Today, Upcoming, Next Week, or All.