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Create User by User Invite

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Another way to create a user effortlessly is through User Invite.


1. On the navigation bar, click the add ‘+’ shortcut button and choose ‘User’.


2. Select ‘Invite’.


Another way to do it is to simply click on the “Invite” button available at the upper right portion of the screen under the Users section.

3. Fill out the information: invitee email address whom you want to be a user of your CRM, assign role for this user, and define the User type.

4. The invitee will receive an email regarding the invite. The invitee should click the link ‘Fill out your profile’ and will be redirected to a page to complete the user profile.

5. Fill out all the information of your user profile.

6. Click the ‘Save’ button to save all the data. The invitee can now log in to the workspace using the credentials that he/she has created.